Thursday, February 20, 2014

"I'm trying to shed tears for Lassie and I can't and I am ashamed."

 Wherein Jack talks about Wizards

 I set out to make a new goal in life, to only read two or three books at a time. This was huge for me, as I read about five or six at once. I was doing well to. I was almost down to only two at a time, but then I went to the library, and I found wonderful self-published books, and there were new books coming out I've been dying to get my hands on, so I ditched that idea. (For those who should be rushing to the book stores on the 25th like me, The Shadow Throne is out in FIVE days! I've talked about the first two books in this series before, The False Prince and The Runaway King. I am re-reading both before the last book is out. And if you've not read the first two, go and do so now and then read the third. Your Evil Overlord commands you. The books are nice sized, but they are fast paced so don't worry about lack of time.)

 Anyways, orders aside.

 Awhile back, I in passing mentioned I put Wizards into the Blade series. I didn't go into a lot of detail, because I had other things happening at the time, don't ask me what things, but they were things. "Don't question the thing."

 When I first got the Wizard idea I wasn't sure what they were going to turn out as. I didn't want to put magic in the series, it would feel too much like a scapegoat. "Something bad has happened, they can't find something, fix it with magic." But without magic, what exactly would a Wizard do? Unsure, I did what I always do when I get stuck on the plot - I wrote and left the characters to tell me what they were going to be like when I met them. It worked.

 The Wizards are the children of an Elf and a Human. Not all half-blood children end up as Wizards, somethings they look like an Elf, sometimes a Human, sometimes a Wizard. The difference between them is Wizards all have long beards, they are very hermit like. They have a huge hall where they all gather for important meetings, but they all live far from each other in little huts and rarely get together. As the Wizard in the book puts it, Hm, you kind of have a point. I guess we could as easily be called hermits – but it is not as frightening. Do you know how many people avoid me just because I have the title Wizard in front of my name?”
 The have the same long life of the Elves, but not the good looks. (They look like you'd expect a Wizard, bushy eyebrows, shaggy hair, beards, robes, and pointy hats.) They wear robes and hats which match the colour of their hair. They carry both a staff and a wand - again, neither is magical, but if they get into fights or just get mad, they like to hit and poke people with them.
 The Wizards are historians. They keep a lot of the old records on Nightshade's history and have a HUGE library in their big meeting house. They aren't helpful though. They've come to the belief that a lot of the other races are stupid and don't help them out all that much when they could use the help. They don't share the old histories  unless they are forced to. They believe the histories should be saved, but only shared if someone has earned the right to that knowledge. (They're kind of annoying and a bit stuck up, but also have this almost lovable side which makes it kind of hard to really dislike them.)
 They all have ancient names but they don't like anyone but fellow Wizards to know them, so they give themselves simpler names to use when they meet someone who isn't a Wizard. (The Wizard who has the most parts in book two tells the boys his name is Aaron.) Also, it is required that Wizard is always put in front of their name. (Wizard Aaron. He is never just Aaron.)
 In spite of their distant coolness, they do care about the Humans, they just have trouble showing it. They get along best with the Elves, or used to, when Nightshade was united.

 And that is them! I had a lot of fun with them in book two and am hoping they make more appearances. They're not the sort to sit the rest of the series out, so I am very certain they will come back at least once more, likely even more than that.

 I now shall leave, as I have to get back to The False Prince. (I told someone I was going to finish it and book two before I got book three in five days. She gave me an, "It isn't possible," look and I almost did an Anakin.

 Quote is from Psych, I won't say more because it is the new season and I don't want to give away spoilers.




  1. "Anakin, you're breaking my heart!"
    I think that's one of the worst movie lines in the history of movie lines ever.

    Your wizards sound wonderful! I can't wait to read about them! They remind me a bit of the druids in the Asterix and Obelix comics. Maybe it's just their appearances, though. The druids tend to be a bit nicer. Hmmm... you don't read about druids to much nowadays. Maybe I ought to put one or two into my story. Hmmm...

    Good luck and have fun finishing your books!

  2. @Abbey: No, " I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. Not like here. Here everything is soft and smooth." is one of the worst line in movie history! :)

    Wow, you sure do read a lot of books at once! And they do sound interesting.

    By the way, the words are running off the page of your template and it makes it difficult to read. I just thought I would let you know.


    1. @ James, Ugh, you're right. That's a horrible line too! And how about the creepy way Anakin looks at Padme? "It makes me uncomfortable." Me too, and I'm not even in the movie!

  3. *sheds a tear of infinite sadness* NO MORE PSYCH!!!! I can't believe this is the last season.....excuse me while I go and sit in a corner while re-watching the whole show non stop....(2 days later) Man, Shawn has gained a few pounds, but weirdly, Gus looks exactly the same.....

  4. Love that episode of Psych, although it's so sad they're going off the air in March!

    And your wizards sound really cool. :)

  5. I do have to admit that your wizards sound awesome. I love hermitish people who are being bean-heads and won't help. They make a plot so fun. :P

  6. Oooh, good idea with the wizards. I like the idea of them being hermits.

    I'm sad Psych is ending, but I heard somewhere that they're contemplating doing a spin-off series for Shawn and Gus, because their "story is not over." I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that's true. :)

  7. Wizards that don't do magic? Okay, I LOVE this idea. It's so... *waves hand around trying to summon the right words* Different, original, awesome! I've always liked wizards, but I'm not super big on magic, so this...THIS, this is great!

    And what is this talk about Psych almost being over? O_________o

  8. I love the idea of the Wizards not doing magic, but are historians. That is so awesome! I've never heard of that before. Introverted, bookish, finding humans bothersome. . . can I be a Wizard? Oh, wait. . . I don't have a beard. Are there girl wizards? They wouldn't have beards, right?

  9. I love your idea for wizards. Sounds very cool.

    And I, too, am sad about Psych coming to an end. =(

  10. By the way, if you still want it, you're the winner of the Real Mermaids book!


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