Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"It doesn't do wood!" "That's a bit rubbish." "Oi! Don't diss the sonic!"

 Wherein Jack didn't mean to be so mean

 Have you ever got the urge to have a lollipop? And you go around for days thinking, "I can't have a lollipop, not with all that bad for me stuff in it." But you just can't get them out of your head and you remember how you used to have them as a kid, and they just sound so good. And while you are going through these conflicting emotions, you stumbled across a thing of FREE lollipops - the big ones. And they are FREE. And you can't help yourself, so you get one. But before you eat it, you remember all of the things inside it - all of the corn syrup, and sugar, and who knows what else. And you feel bad for not staying strong and resisting the sugary delicacy, so you don't eat it. Then it sits around your house for weeks, as you try and decide what to do with it. Because, it is food, and you feel bad throwing food out. But it is food that is not good for you, and you'd kind of feel bad putting that into your body. But it was FREE and it's been ages since you've had a lollipop, and you don't normally eat things that aren't healthy, so maybe it wouldn't matter this once. But, there is your tooth ache, and you know how sugar only makes it hurt more....and your conflicting emotions have now got ten times worse.
 That's where I am right now. And, to make it worse, it is a strawberries and CREAM lollipop. Oh yeah. Now you want one, don't you?

 Okay, enough about lollipops.

 I've been writing this post for the past hour and keep deleting it. I just don't know what to talk about. But, my dear Mycroft, who's blog can be found HERE is having a writer's conference and a giveaway. And I've never done a writer's conference, even one online, and it sounds fun even though I have little clue what to do. Also, I wanted to tell you all about the giveaway, because it is a fun one. You can find it HERE!!!

 So, like I said, I am probably going to get this all wrong, but the conference is on characters. I even did an interview with Anne - rather, Elias did. I will let you know when it is up so you can read it. But, doing the interview, and picking Elias, and all the talk on characters - well, you can see where this is going. Kind of.

 Elias is the villain in the Blade books. I used to not put a lot of thought into villains. They were just there to be mean to the hero so he would have a reason to be cool, what other point in life did they need? They were bad because, they were bad. But when I started to talk to Anne - she and I are book buddies and help each other out of messes - she had me give some more thought to villains. Because if there a villain without a point in life, the story has a better chance of not going anywhere.

 When I started getting to know the Blade books better, and all of Oleander, I intended for Elias to be one of those ruthless villains. I wanted a really bad guy, who was so bitter at everyone nothing was going to get in his way of ruining the lives of those around him - the whole world in fact, because he was that bitter. (A Sauron bad guy.) But Elias was fast to set me straight.

 He wasn't the bitter and going to blow up the world type. He had a reason for invading Nightshade, and the more I found out about it the sadder I got - but you know, I'm just his Author, why should he care if he makes me want to cry? I was a little concerned over this new twist though. Could I really have a villain who, wasn't so much of a villain after all?
 But I think that is the point. Very few villains are bad for no reason. They were hurt, lost things, or maybe they just are selfish and don't care about others, but they have to have purpose. They have to be as alive as the hero.

 There is nothing wrong with a mean villain who never turns good, so long as he has a believable purpose, and he's not just there because the hero has to have an enemy.

 I've also started to notice villains are turning out to be more of the good guy then the good guy. (Loki for example.) The villain who has lost so much he is cared for more than the hero who is trying to save him from taking over the world with his Alien army. And while I do like villains like this - it adds more to them - I've noticed that having a Sauron kind of villain is now kind of being shunned. Villains aren't supposed to look bad anymore, they should be handsome and have tragic pasts.

 I do see why having a villain who doesn't look it is being used. It adds a new twist, but I don't think there is anything wrong with using a bad guy who looks bad. (This is used a lot in Fantasy. Think of Tash in Narnia. He is scary looking, when he walked past Jill and Eustice the sun seemed to go out. He was not someone one would mistake for a hero.) And while these villains might not be popular right now, I think they still have their place in stories and books. (I plan to talk about this more later with some of my Oleander posts.)

 What about you? Do you like the Loki villains more, or the Darth Vader, Tash, Sauron villains?

 Quote is from Doctor Who




  1. Loki! Loki! I like villains with tragic backstories because who wakes up and says "I'm going to be evil"? It never rings true to me. I think most people in the world are truly trying to do things they think is right. Sometimes they're warped, yes....but it's all about perspective.


    1. I agree with Cait. 100% Accept that if I were going to eat something that is not good for me I would go for cheesecake or chocolate. But if you love lollypops eat the lollypop.

  2. Glad you got the chance to know your villain better.
    Sometimes it's all right for the villain to be bad. Yes, they are often misguided with tragic pasts, but they don't have to redeem themselves to be a good villain. I like a variety.

  3. Eat the lolli.

    I like villains with a backstory and reasons why they are evil, but I like the Sauron type too. Villains who have a backstory are more relatable than ones who don't.

    ~Robyn Hoode

  4. Don't eat the lollipop! Especially if you have a cold to boot, sugar never ever helps a cold go away- take it from the girl who has had one for over a week now! I thought I was a little better, so I had some turtle cheesecake and Valentine candy…. bad idea. Sorry, ranting a little.
    I have a Villain, I think he's maybe a bit Loki-ish. He isn't doing things just to be mean, he is a driven, progressive, visionary young man- everyone just seems to be getting in his way, and they have to be eliminated : ) But he doesn't really have a tragic backstory…
    I do like Loki : )

  5. Eat the lollipop! Eat it!!!!! (or, you know... just taste it a bit... and then toss it, it's just a lollipop).

    I prefer the Darth Vader/Sauron type villains... partially because I just don't get the attraction to Loki.

    But I can see the appeal of a tragic backstory. I guess, in the end, for me it comes down to, "Nobody has to be TOLD it's wrong to go over to your neighbor's house and smash all their eggs and wring their chickens' necks."

    A tragic backstory is all well and good... but it never "justifies" the villain's actions in my mind. And if it does... then there's something wrong with the story. I think it has to come down to a choice. A choice to lash out at the world that has hurt you, and choose the "wrong path," even though one knows deep down that it's wrong, or a choice to forgive and move on... that is what has to separate the hero from the villain. I think that's why Thor is so compelling. Bad things happen to him, too. He gets sent to Earth, and has his powers taken away, and when he finds his hammer, he can't pick it up. But instead of choosing to hate his father over it and turn to the dark side, he chooses to learn from it.

    Loki had that same choice, and "he chose... poorly." That's what makes him the villain. Not his tragic story or the perceived injustices he's suffered. His own choice to hate his adopted family and try to rule all the known universe as a "consolation prize" he's awarding to himself.

    (I haven't seen movie two yet... so I'm just speaking to movie 1).

  6. Great, now I want a lollipop... :P

    There are not words to describe how much I love Loki. He's such a complex and fascinating character. I'll be honest though, while he's an amazing character, he's not the best villain, at least for me. I love him too much. Tom Hiddleston being utterly perfect doesn't help matters either...

    My favorite villain of all time is the Joker (Heath Ledger. I've never read the comics). I think he's a great villain because he's a good balance between Loki and Sauron, to use your examples. He's evil and cruel and sadistic for, apparently, no reason (Sauron). Yet, I get the feeling that he had a tragic backstory (Loki), but I like how we, the audience, never gets to know it. We know that he probably has a reason for being insane, whether it be daddy-issues, falling into chemical goop, or just being mentally messed-up, but we never get to know it so we don't pity or love him. We hate him, but he still feels realistic. I love that. :)

  7. Great point! I love those complex villains who are messed up for a reason! :)

  8. Oooh, that's a good question. I like both kinds of bad guys. The sorts of villains that I usually go for are the down right nasty ones that you love to hate. Moriarty, for example. He's funny, in his own weird way, but he's so insane and twisted he gives you the creeps and you really feel safer if he were just locked away somewhere... or dead.
    I want them believably bad and a lot of the time I want to know what made them turn out to be so evil. But all-out bad guys are fun.
    But I really LOVE a good conversion story, so bad guys that have to potential to become good are awesome. If they're done right. Loki is the best example of that type of bad guy that I can think of. He's believable and sad.
    However, I don't like it when people hold the bad guys in higher regard than the good guys. I've noticed that a lot lately, and I find it odd.I mean, as much as I love Loki (And I do really love Loki! :) I'd still be on Thor's side and I think Thor is a wonderful hero and much more the sort of person that deserves respect.

    So I guess for me it depends on the story. *Grin*
    I admire people that can create believable, creepy, evil bad guys. For some reason, I find that rather hard to do in my own writing.
    And if the bad guy is going to be likable, please still make the good guy *more* likable. :)
    I don't care for story's where the bad person is really just 'misunderstood.' It bugs me.

    Well...now that you know how *I* feel about that, I'll go. lol.

    Cheers! (Less than a month now!)

  9. Eat the lollipop before it gets all old and starts sticking to the wrapper. (Unless of course it will make you feel sick - then throw it out and forgo the temptation altogether).
    Lollipop, lollipop, oh, lolli lolli lolli. Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli lolli lolli. Lollipop. *pop*


    Ten points to the guy who does the pop-thing!

    I think I prefer Sauron-type villains because they are totally bad. In todays day and age, when anything goes, it's nice and refreshing to have someone who is 100% bad. It's less confusing morally.
    It is nice to have backstory on villains, though... That I do like. Writing convincing villains is one of the hardest parts about writing, I think. (Or is that just me? I have trouble with writing characters anyway.)

    YES! Why can't the spiders go visit the people who like spiders? I knew that it was coming for me, though... because I haven't seen a spider in the house for a good month.
    Haha, yeah, one of the girl's noticed my Han Solo valentine and commented on it.
    Oh I totally agree with you about the school system. It's messed up. Part of me wishes that we could be more like people were back in George Washington's time, or Abe Lincoln's... But then the other part of me has to remember that 2014 is very different than 1800. I have a huge school complaint/rant/thing (thank you Pippin Took for that quote, I use it all the time) too, so I'm just going to post this because I don't want to get into it. xD
    Think of me when you burn your math book!

  10. I'm not sure I can choose.
    I really like the Loki kind of bad guys. Because they're more complicated and more "human." They have reasons, purposes, fears, and hopes just like any other character. And in some ways they can be more dangerous, because they make you double think, "Who's side are you on anyways?" You want to give them a chance and yet that could prove dangerous.
    But I do kind of like the all bad Mwhahaha! villains because they are scarier. They don't seem to have feelings or human emotions, so forget begging for mercy. They're dark, and uncompromising. They're not dangerous because you might give them a chance like the Loki bad guys; they're dangerous because they won't give you a chance.
    Villains are so much fun! Though I do fall fault to not developing my villains enough sometimes. Must work on that.


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