Thursday, February 27, 2014


 It has been so long since I've been on here I am not sure where to start. Part of me thinks I should make some kind of apology on Striker's behalf, since this whole scheme wasn't his idea, but then again, he is friends with the mastermind behind all of this. Also, taking that into consideration, I did end up taking part in it too, though by the time I heard of it Jack had already been kidnapped. Never fear though, as long as I am around I won't let anything happen to her.

 Steed: *Snort*

 To be honest, I don't think Jack is too upset about the whole thing. She's been making Trystan work for keeping her locked up - she is far more bossy than I ever dreamed possible. Maybe she does have it in her to be an Evil Overlord.

 Anyways. Trystan decided that we all have to take over her site, as Striker already said. (I don't know what makes the strange, pointy eared fellow think he is in charge but Steed is not happy about it and I think he is plotting a mutiny. Probably with Darcy's  help. I think I will just sneak into the kitchen for a snack while it isn't being guarded.)

 Thanks for all your suggestions on food by the way. Other than tea, I have no idea what Jack likes. It isn't like she even eats that much. Normally. Since she's been kidnapped she keeps complaining to Trystan about being hungry and making him cook. It's kind of funny, but he's not that good of a cook, so it isn't too funny because he keeps trying to get all of us to eat the things that he makes a mess of. (Come to think of it, maybe I will help if there is a mutiny.)

 I don't know what else to say. I'm not really that great at these things...

 Darcy: That's an understatement!

 I thought it wouldn't be long before you showed up to try and take over.

 I never take over, Fly Boy. I just keep things from getting boring and stop you from humiliating yourself. 

 Aw, like you do on the airship? How did that work again? You were trying to liven things up and keep me from humiliating myself by almost falling to your death?

 Don't argue with my system. If it works it works.

 Okay, but just remember, next time I might not feel like saving you.

 Nice try, Fly Boy. You always try and save everyone.

 At least you hope so, right?

 Sure. Trystan just abandoned the kitchen. Do you want to try and make some pancakes or something?

 You can cook?

 No, but neither can you, that's what makes it half the fun.

 Okay, but so long as Singur isn't in there. You know what happens when he gets close to kitchens.

 Steed: And....they just left it open. I'm surprised anything gets done when those two are together. 
 Good bye, or whatever Jack says. 



  1. I feel like Buddy in Elf right now. "PETERRRR!!! I know him!" Don't get me wrong, Striker and Trystan are great, but I've been reading 'Haphazardly Implausible' and, well, I know Peter and he's awesome! It's nice to see Steed and Darcy too!

    I'm so glad you're there to take care of Jack, Peter. If the cooking situation gets too rough, I suggest peanut butter with a spoon. That's my 'I'm lazy and don't want to fix anything angsty author' snack. You might also want to give Jack some reading material. We authors get a bit...odd...when we don't have anything to read. Just my suggestions! :)

  2. Hey Peter! Nice to... read? you again. And Steed and Darcy too, of course. I'm relieved to hear that someone is watching over Jack (though I'm not surprised it's you. You're wonderful!).
    Haha, I hope Trystan doesn't blow up the kitchen. Good for Jack for bossing him about.
    Keep up the good work, Jack! I'm still trying to hire a consulting detective to get you out! And the Avengers haven't answered my urgent message(...s) yet. I may just have to call in Larry Boy instead.


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