Monday, February 17, 2014

"River, hug Amy." "Why?" "Because I'm busy."

 Wherein Jack doesn't want to write.

 I think I have reasons for not wanting to write. But I should, because I have links! And links are always good. But I have a school paper due and I've lost it, so I won't stay long to talk about the links, so you will just have to click on them while I dig through spider infested documents and mentally kick myself in the hopes of jarring my memory.

 The big giveaway I was part of is over now, but a lot of the Authors put their ebooks for only 99 cents! And you should go and check the list because there are some really good ones. I have two of mine on sell as well. If you go to Jessica Greyson's site you can get a list of all the Authors. I've read a lot of the books which are on sell, they are really wonderful.

 I also decided to set up another blog for my book and movie reviews because I couldn't find time to fit them in with all of the book related posts I've been doing and am planning on doing once I can get some things straightened out. I really want to start working on some world building posts, and I think I am close to being able to do that. I just have to finish getting things all mapped out for Oleander. It's been a lot of fun, and I reached the halfway point in the second Blade book Friday, so I am VERY excited about that. But anyways, here is the link to my reviews. CLICK ME!!!!

 Quote is from Doctor Who, the 11th. He and Amy and Rory looked so young in their first season! Like three cute little kids playing imaginary games together - until, you know.




  1. Fun stuff. We just went back and watched season 1 of Doctor Who over the past week (we had started with Season 2 for various reasons, and got hooked, and knew we'd have to go watch Christopher at some point). It was interesting, and less corny than it seemed the first time we tried it. :)

  2. Two blogs! You brave woman. Then again, I don't have time to review or talk about everything either.
    Hope you find the school paper.

  3. Good luck finding your school paper - and two blogs - oh my goodness.

  4. Hope you find your school paper! And I totally admire your ability to keep up with two blogs. I can hardly keep up with just one!

    Speaking of blogging, I awarded you! You can check it out here: Obviously nothing you have to do (actually, I usually never do these things...eheh) but I still wanted to award your blog because I absolutely love it. ^_^

  5. Oh no! I hope you can find your paper! Good luck!
    Oooo lovely new blog. I'm off to check out Ms. Greyson's blog.

  6. Och, lost school papers! *Shudders*. I hope that you find it soon, in a non-spidery location. I think having a second blog for reviews is a good idea. Good luck with the new one - it looks good so far.

    It is funny. I never really got in to Doctor Who, the way my sisters have, but I love Eleven and Rory and Amy, and I miss them dreadfully. I like your description of them looking like cute little kids playing at make believe. It suits them.

  7. We've been watching some earlier Eleven episodes as well. Much as I liked Clara and the Doctor, it just doesn't compare to Eleven and the Ponds. They were the best. In my mind, anyway. :)

    I can't stand it when I lose school papers. It didn't happen very often in high school, but when it did it was a tragedy. I think I shed more tears in those moments than I did in any other time of my life.

    See you in... *counts on fingers*... twenty-four days? Wheeee! About 3-1/2 weeks. That's pretty freakin' sweet. :)

  8. Your review blog is neat!

    Let us know how it turns out if you try the cheesecake! It's a pretty easy recipe. And we haven't seen the Doctor yet, but we'll be sure to send him your way if he stops by. ;)


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