Thursday, February 13, 2014

"Since I will never see you again there is something I want to tell you." "What?" "Sherlock is a girl's name."

 Wherein Jack says Happy Valentine's Day.

 I got out of Math class the other day very annoyed with confusing problems. I bought my book, it is just one of those work books which are good for nothing when you're done with them so I plan to burn mine the end of the semester while laughing insanely. But I couldn't the other day because I still need it. I couldn't think of any other way to make myself feel better till I got out to my car and remembered that scene in Meet the Robinsons where the frogs throw the tiny hat in the trunk of their car with the shovel. I didn't have a shovel, but I popped the trunk and tossed my book in, then slammed the lid with the evilest grin I could manage - which wasn't hard.

 Today is Valentine's Day!

I was going to write a sweet, romantic scene for all of you, but all the romantic characters I have are in the middle of plot spoilers so I couldn't do it. Maybe next year. This year I have....SNIPPETS! And cookies and pie, but it is kind of hard to share that so John and Sammy and I shall be eating that and thinking of all of you.

 Mimicking dog sounds, Lukeas had learned, was Hester's way of saying faster. Her mother had told Lukeas she loved watching dogs run whenever they passed through villages, and to her barking meant running fast because dogs barked. Lukeas thought it was cute and if he hadn't been twenty-six he would have resorted to that means of communication himself. However, he figured the rest of the world would have problems if a man started barking whenever he wanted to request things to move faster.
 Second Blade book

“You're going to burn the whole Amorrian camp, just like that?” Clis demanded. “I've heard of some stupid plans in my lifetime, but I think this one wins.”
“He's a hermit, what do you expect from someone who's spent his life in caves?” Golon asked, amused.
 Second Loyalty Book

 “You're identical?” he asked.
“No, we just look-”
“Completely alike because-”
“We stole each others clothes this morning.”
 The Broken Blade

Yawning, Aden rubbed his eyes, blinked three more times, and yawned again. “Without breakfast? I never run away on an empty stomach.”
 Third Haphazard Book

 “Be nice!” Cordon rebuked him, then to Stefan, “We don't want to kill you, honest.”
“At least not all of you,” Stefan replied.
Lachlan giggled. “I want you alive!”
“Thank you.” Stefan turned back to Golon. “The prince wants me alive,” he gloated.
 Second Loyalty Book

 “My name is Ryder-Adair.”
“Hm, well, I won't hold it against you.”
 Second Blade Book

 He didn't know what to say. This wasn't Magda, after all. If he said the wrong thing she might not smile and keep talking. She might shove him into the fountain or something.
 Second Loyalty Book

 “How can you be cousins with an Elf?”
“Talent,” BenArgon declared, “but since you clearly lack it then don't attempt to understand it, you might hurt something.”
It suddenly became almost impossible to bite back the rise of laughter in his throat. Khen's face twisted with a mixture of horror and anger and the Commander's beard twitched, but no other expression showed itself.
“I must ask that you do not anger my best Ranger,” he murmured, though he didn't sound upset by it.
“Aw, he's your best?” BenArgon asked. “I'm sorry.”
“Sorry?” Khen demanded.
“Yes. If you're the best than the Corps must be in pretty bad shape.”
Trystan slapped a hand over BenArgon's mouth, stopping whatever might have come out next. “Please pardon my friend,” he ask the Commander, “he suffers from the aliment of not knowing when to shut up.”
BenArgon's muffled protests came from behind Trystan's hand.
 Second Blade Book

 I bet I can get more rabbits than you,” BenArgon whispered, coming up beside Ryder. Ryder-Adair was still impressed by how silently he could move, his feet gliding over the ground with no staff or anything to assist him.
“There is no way,” Ryder-Adair scoffed. He patted his bow as BenArgon pulled out one of his well balanced daggers.
“Is that a challenge?” Argon demanded.
“Looser has to gut the winners kill?” Ryder replied rather than answer the question.
“Better hope your dagger is sharp then!”
Second Blade Book

 “Really,” Wizard Aaron huffed.
“Well that is-”
“Kind of disappointing.”
“You wanted him to turn you into a frog?”
Second Blade Book

 “No one knows why, either,” he continued. “I just can't make sense of letters.”
Trying to cheer him up, BenArgon beamed him a smile. “Don't worry, I can't read or write either.”
(To clarify, BenArgon is blind.)
Second Blade Book

 “Besides, if we spend it, just the two of us, I don't have to share the tarts with Tony.”
“I'm taking the tarts with me,” Tony threatened from where he sat at the table, peeling potatoes.
Third Haphazard Book

Is that my blanket?” Geoffrey asked when Juliana closed the door and got their attention.
It is.” Magda pulled part of it up over her mouth and smiled.
Second Loyalty Book

You have to remember what you are fighting for,” he said as he tugged. “If you forget that out there, when you see their numbers or when fear hits you, then you will die. Remember your friends, remember that little prince. Don't forget your Magda. Fight for them, they will give you a reason to live.”
And what about you?” Stefan asked, almost smiling as he spoke. It would be easy to live for his friends, to live in the hopes he would see Magda again someday.
What about me?” Oakes demanded. He tied the last strap and stood back, not looking directly at Stefan.
What do you have to fight and live for?”
Second Loyalty Book

 “I've got myself lost coming and going,” he murmured under his breath. How would he explain this to Hogan? Could he blame it on his wounded head? He might be able to make that convincing since it was still bandaged. But would the Captain want him around anymore if he couldn't even find his way out of Buckingham Palace?
Abolished Impracticality

 Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

Quote is from Sherlock.


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  1. “My name is Ryder-Adair.”
    “Hm, well, I won't hold it against you." <---LOL!

    And I loved that scene in Sherlock...of course, I love all the scenes.

  2. That Sherlock quote is hilarious. *snickers quietly* I too am spending Valentine's Hans style. Except I gave my nephew a rose and chocolate and he told me he loved me, so it's not all solo. *continues snickering* XD

  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

    Love the quote at the top, and the snippets were very fun too. :)

  4. Lovely snippets! I'm so looking forward to reading all of these!!! (Need to figure out a way to make more money first...) :)

  5. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Ohhh, I love all your snippets! Your dialogue is so witty and funny! XD

  6. Happy Valentine's Day! You stole my picture! I was planning on putting it on my blog too (I have choir today and printed it to stick in the front of my folder xD We'll see if anyone notices it)

    I love the snippets. Especially the ones from Loyalty #2. You separate Magda and Stefan?! Noooooo. And I'm really looking forward to the Blade books. They sound really fun!

    In a totally different vein...
    Thank you so much for your comment about math, and even that up above. I hope you have fun burning your book! That sounds like fun. (Unfortunately we re-sell our textbooks so burning mine might not be the best option. Haha)
    Oh I know what you're talking about... about the "Oh I can't do the writing." "Oh, that's okay." With math and science, it's like you HAVE to be good at it to get into any sort of prestigious college, or get any normal sort of job.
    I'm glad your doing a little better! Even barely passing is better than not.
    We should make a club. Math-Hermits-United. Where we meet up every ten years to do our taxes and other things that require math, and then retreat into hiding for another ten years.

    I'm sorry about your happy ending! Those silly mostly-dead fathers!
    Mr. Rogers rocks. He does. Why don't they play him on TV anymore? Someone should rectify that. Or put his shows on DVD or something.

    Anyway, off to finish reading a horrible book for lit. class! Allons-y!

  7. Happy Valentine's Day, Jack! Or Single Awareness Day, as it is for me. ;) Han's style...hehe. I love it!

    Thank you for sharing these snippets! I'm grinning so hard right now. They were so FUNNY. Your wittiness just about kills me.

  8. I'm spending Valentine's Day Hans style too. (Honestly, that is the funniest Valentine's thing I've ever seen.) And that Sherlock quote had to be the best part of that whole episode. He really had me at that one.

    And the snippets? Brilliant! My favorites are the third one and especially the one with the elf and BenArgon's ailment of not knowing when to shut up. :)

  9. I hope you had a good Valentine's Day, Jack. I spent mine taking flower orders and generally feeling hassled. When I got home I was so dead tired I wanted to eat and go to bed. I kind of fell asleep half-way through Sneakers, and spent the rest of the movie waking up, watching bits, and dozing off again. I'm much better today - which is Sunday - but then I go back to work tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it. LOL

    Like your snippets. :)

  10. Love that satisfying trunk slam!

    Mmm, pie.....


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