Thursday, February 06, 2014

"You fought her off with a water pistol? I bloody love you!"

 Wherein Jack is so close

 It was below zero today, so cold the air was freezing and there were those bitty snowflakes that like to make you think they are real snow but they are just frozen air. Anyone from like, Russia and Alaska will know what I'm talking about. The rest of you....maybe not, but just trust me. I'm convinced that is what it is, and I'm your evil overlord so I am right.

So, anyways, school was called off today - no, not because of the snow. We've had to still go to school in worse weather, this is the Winter Wasteland after all. It's been the first time in awhile I've not had to leave the house AT ALL, so I put on as many over sized, baggy clothes as I could fine - I spent all day wearing two layers - and crashed out by the fire. I worked on my book, but after I was done I did nothing more than watch Doctor Who with my mum. I love watching with her, she takes everything in stride. "Oh, that is the Doctor's daughter, made from his hand...okay." "Oh, he used to be a dad...okay." "Oh, his granddaughter named the TARDIS...okay." The only thing that got her was the Vashta Nerada. But really, who wasn't creeped out by those? 
 But, with so much time to just lay about and think, I was able to work out some of the problems for Oleander, the new world I made know, I mentioned it not too far back. I am going to start doing posts on all the different worlds, even if the books won't be out right as I am talking about the kingdom. But, if you are like me, you like reading more when you know what the world is like. I kind of, dislike being tossed into a new world and not know my way around. A bit of a heads up is nice.

 I have one chapter left in the second round of the next Loyalty book. Once I have it written I will be revealing the title and the thing I discovered while writing today which left me banging my head on the wall. I should make an official reveal date...I'll think one up and let you all know on Monday.

 Today, however, now that I've got all that said I have a new character reveal! And this one I am VERY excited about because he is my favourite in the Blade books. Yes, favourite. Not ashamed. Okay, a little ashamed, but oh well. I like him.

 Striker. (I even love his name, and it isn't taken from where you probably think it is taken from. I actually kind of stole it from a fellow I used to know. I'd have asked if I still knew him.)

 Striker's age is a bit unknown. It is assumed he is in his late teens, though there are times when the other boys are left believing he is thirty. He is tall, a bit taller than Trystan, and his hair is dark red. His eyes are dark green.
 Striker comes into the story waking up on a farm. From all appearances  he is a farm boy, helping bring in the crops, but something is wrong. Striker knows he is no farmer, but he doesn't know how he knows that - he also cannot remember his name or anything about his past. He travels from one village to another, hoping someone will know who he is and he finally ends up in the village where the other boys live. They are the ones who name him, after he punches one of the twins. They allow him to stay with them. Striker likes to pretend he belongs in the village, but deep down he is never really at peace. He wants to know who he really is and where he came from and - more importantly - if he has a family. Sometimes, his memories will try and come back, but it always ends with him blacking out and waking up with a bad headache.
 Striker has a kind of mixed personality, probably because of not knowing who he is. He has a sense of humor and carries out pranks with the twins. He likes to be around the other boys, though there are times he would rather be left alone. He has a temper, but usually he keeps it  hidden. He knows how to fight, though for the most part is peaceful. He does stand up for one of the other boys though who is always being bullied. He hates to seen injustice.

 Striker is extremely skilled with the sword. It is the weapon he uses most, though sometimes he will use a bow.

 And now, the snippet. This one needs a bit of a lead up. The little girl lives in the village, she comes into the inn where Striker is working but never tells him her name, making him try and guess it.
Jaspart clapped a hand over his mouth so hard Ryder-Adair almost fell backwards off his seat. He was so stunned he wasn't able to extract himself from Jaspart's hand for a moment or two, long enough for Jespert to hiss, “She doesn't want Striker to know her name yet, so keep your mouth shut.”
Pulling free from Jaspart's hold, Ryder-Adair scowled at both twins as the little girl came over to their table. If she hadn't been smiling up at him he would have crashed his mug over Jaspart's head.
“Hello,” he said, smiling at her back. She said nothing to him but solemnly turned to Striker and stared at him until the young man squirmed. Only then did she hold up her hands to him.
“Wha-” Striker threw Ryder-Adair a panicked glance and Ryder-Adair only grinned at him.
“She wants to sit with you,” he said.
The twins were all but giggling at Striker's bright red face. Ryder-Adair didn't think he'd do it, he expected Striker to jump up and run away. He looked as if he were going to. He sat that way for what felt like a full minute before bending over and scooping up the little girl. Without another look at any of them, he nestled her on his lap, allowing her to rest her head on his chest.
The snicker which had been in the back of Ryder-Adair's throat died as he watched. Striker held the little girl as if he'd been holding children his whole life. He didn't look at all awkward with her in his arms, and he almost looked completely happy – something Ryder-Adair hadn't seen on his face once. He wondered if there might be some explanation about his past in it, but he couldn't imagine what it might be.

 And now, the best part!


 Quote is from Doctor Who




  1. I'm curious: do you know his backstory? Also, I love his David-Tennant-ish hair. And his sword. That's pretty cool. And that he doesn't know anything about himself. You always have the most interesting character backstories - I love it.

    "If you don't tell me your name I'm going to have to make one up for you."
    "It's Uhura."
    "Really? That's the name I was going to make up for you!"

    1. I did. I knew everything about his backstory. His was the only one, out of all the boys, then he went and shocked me at the end of book one, and shocked himself, and now neither of us are sure.
      Oh! You're right! It does look David Tennant-ish! I didn't notice till you mentioned it.
      I love how many quotes can be used for his missing name. *grin*


    ..... that's it. That's all I've got right now. lol.


      I could think of even less to say than you....except YOU'RE BRILLIANT!!!!


  3. That's one of the best snippets ever. I like Striker. :) He sounds awesome. And that was a great picture too. :)

    1. Aw, thank you! I am glad you liked it! He's a very fun character to write with, a little creepy at times, but fun


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