Wednesday, March 12, 2014


 I never get to do one of these without stealing them from Peter Jones, so I am going to attempt one all on my own. 

 My name is Darcy Steed. I'm second-in-command on board the airship Black Beard. My grumpy brother is the captain. And now, I didn't get second-in-command just because of that...well, I kind of did, but that isn't the point.

 Everyone has been talking about the mutiny going on around here, but that kind of ended so I don't see any point in mentioning it further. I'd almost say that my brother and that pointy eared fellow are friends now, but I don't think Shamus is every really friends with anyone so I won't go that far. I haven't really cared about the mutiny one way or the other. (While it was going on I had control of the airship and had a bit of fun. Went down to the Americas and met some real cowboys, almost got Peter Jones eaten by a it was all fun.)

 It's actually been kind of boring around here. Jack is still refusing to write and spends all day working on school, packing, and reading. I've seen some stupid ideas in my day - I know Jones, remember? - but I think the whole kidnapping was the worse. Do you know what it is like, being a character and having all kinds of free time and not even sure what to do with it? I want some action! Maybe a battle or two. Or at least a near death experience...

 But I shouldn't complain. Sounds whiny. And I don't whine. Unless I am trying to annoy my brother, then I can whine better than anyone else in the world.

 I'm thinking of commandeering the airship again today. It snowed, and is freezing cold, where Jack lives. This calls for an adventure in some kind of desert climate. Might force Jones into going to Africa with me or something. If I get really ambitious later I can even write all about our adventure, but don't spend too much time waiting around for that, I'm not overly ambitious when it comes to writing.

 I did get one of these done, all on my own though. So I feel accomplished enough now to stop and go find something more interesting to do. (You know, the usual. Torment Jones, annoy my brother. I've a full day ahead of me.)

 Have fun doing whatever you normally-ish people do.



  1. Haha, have fun commandeering the airship, Darcy!

  2. I was wondering if we'd get to hear from you, Darcy! Sorry you're getting so bored - maybe you'll get attacked by wildebeests in Africa. :) That would liven things up a bit.

    I must say, it's been very nice of all you characters reading people's blogs, keeping Jack apprised, and leaving comments. Maybe the kidnapping wasn't the best idea on your parts... but at least you seem to be handling it all very well. :)


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