Monday, March 03, 2014



 I have no idea if that is the right way to start one of these, but, hello again.

 My name is Jerolin. Very likely none of you have heard about me before. I am one of the characters in the book Jack is co-Authoring with her friend. (She did something while back where she let you meet my brother, Adrian.) Now, from what Jack has told me, it is my turn, but since she has been kidnapped I have to do this on my own.

 As I said, I am Adrian's older brother - though as he said, we aren't blood related. I am the son of the couple that took him in and raised him. He's always been like a brother to me, even if he is the son of a king and queen and we've always gotten along very well - though, I guess not perfectly.

 My father is the local printer and I've been working with him when I get the time, though I am training - was training - to become a blacksmith. I fit better as a blacksmith. I can't get the tiny print to lay right, and I keep dropping papers. Adrian is a much better printer than I can ever hope to be. 

 (Writing one of these things is harder than I thought it would be....I've run out of things to say.)

 I enjoy being outdoors. Adrian and I go fishing whenever we get the chance. and we've hiked all over the outlaying land around us. And, like everyone else in my village, I love the baked cooks which Adrian's best friend Christa makes. She is a born baker.

 Annnnndddd.....I kind of think that explains me very well, though it does make me sound incredibly boring. I never thought how boring I do sound till right now. I do have a fairly quiet life, well, did. That has changed because Adrian now knows who he is and he has to go and face the man who killed his father and I plan to help him however possible. So that is sure to lead to an adventure, though it is one I wish didn't have to happen. I think it is unfair how life turns out sometimes. Adrian having to be a prince when all he wanted was to be a printer. But I promised him I'd stop letting this upset me since there is nothing we can do to change it. Maybe I can get Christa to give me a bit of cake or something....

 Hopefully I didn't mess this up too badly. These are much harder than anyone lad me to believe.

 Good bye


 (Kendra is doing one of these posts. I guess. Here is you can find it.


  1. He might drop papers but he writes well!

  2. Great post Jerolin! From the perspective of the coauthor, I can assure you that you're life is going to get QUITE interesting.

    I lost my magic electrity last night, and then I had to go to work this morning, and only just got to go on break (we've been that busy), so my post may take a while. I had every intention of having it up on time! Was not anticipating an ice storm!

  3. Hello, Jerolin, it's very nice to meet you. Although I do wish you characters would release Jack. You're all taking good care of her right? Giving her plenty of books to read and all? You should get Christa to bake her some cookies. *nods*

  4. Hi, Jerolin. It is so hard to introduce oneself, isn't it? I hate trying to talk about myself to people. And it's very true. You never realize just how boring you are until you sum up your life in writing. Then I always feel like I should really get a new hobby.
    I enjoyed your introduction a lot. You didn't mess it up at all. :)
    Tell Jack I said hello, wont you?


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