Monday, March 10, 2014


 This is going to be interesting. Hi! My name is Ryder-Adair, I am one of the Broken Blade Boys...Jack's name for us. I'm the one who cannot read or write, so I'm talking and Striker is writing this for me.

 Odd, we know.

 I don't even know what I am supposed to say, but it was dubbed my turn. So I have to say something.

 For those concerned about Jack...Striker, Peter, and I have been keeping as good of care of her as one can keep of one's Author. She's pretty easy to take care of.

 As for the mutiny that has been going around. Steed did carry it out, and...well, I missed most of it. But Peter says he somehow angered half his crew and they refused to fight with him, and Trystan insulted him being French and Steed insulted his ears and it ended with them flying to France for breakfast. I think they are both in charge now, but everyone has been too concerned to ask and make sure.

 Those of us who haven't been arguing the issue of who is in charge and who isn't have been roasting marshmallows and making these things Jack calls smores. Whoever came up with them is a genus. They have a kind of cracker over them and chocolate and marshmallows in the middle. Very good. Everyone should try them if they haven't already.

 It is kind of nice having a bit of a break in the middle of a dangerous mission. I thought I was going to be spending the rest of the winter fighting battles. Instead, I get to eat all kinds of new foods and listen to an Elf and a Frenchman argue about who makes a better leader and why. It is very entertaining. Jack could write a book on the two of them and keep all of you amused for the rest of your lives.

 I guess that is all I  have to say. I wanted to reassure all of you that we...some of us...are being very kind of our Author and the ransoms have been appeasing Trystan so keep them coming if you can. Now I am going to leave. There are plans to light a fire tonight and swap scary stories. Should be fun.



  1. Glad to hear that Jack is being well taken care of. S'mores are wonderful inventions.

  2. He likes S'mores - he has good taste!




    S'more's are delish.

  4. Hi Ryder. Smores are pretty awesome. Though I think roasting the marshmallows is half the funny, and the other half is eating the chocolate alone. :)

    Glad to hear Jack's in good hands. Tell her we miss her, though we do like your posts.


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