Monday, April 07, 2014

"Bye, bye boys! Have fun storming the castle!"

 In Which Jack makes no sense

 I've already been having a weird week and it is only two days into it.
 I caught some kind of flu yesterday afternoon, but didn't know it was a flu until I was falling asleep last night. Flus are bad enough on their own, but when you don't know you have one they are worse. At least when you know what they are you can curl up in bed and watch Agents of SHIELD. But if you think it is just an upset stomach you go running about all day thinking it will pass and waste the perfect chance to watch SHIELD. (I'm all better now, it was just one of those funky flus that go the next day.)

 I thought for the last school year that it was my creative brain that has been trying to fail me at Math. Now, I am not so sure. Since I started school I've had the hardest time getting into the online classroom to do my homework and take my tests. I am now convinced it is the internet which is trying to fail me. 

 As your Evil Overlord, I decree that someone must be thrown in the dungeon. I discovered this the other day. 
  And whoever didn't tell me about it is going to be punished by having their toes tickled. Oh course, there is no way to tell if it is fan made or what the movie is really going to be like...if it is fan made I shall be very crushed and will whoever I locked up for not telling me about it and will lock up the fan instead. (On top of the preview having Grant in it, it also had Taylor from Terra Nova and if he is in a Jurassic Park movie I will jump up and down and go out for ice cream.) (But, him being in it, has pretty much convinced me that it can't be the real movie.)

 If you couldn't tell my the randomness, I am editing again.

 I liked the suggestions I got for contests and giveaways and am hoping that those - aided with my somewhat creative mind - can help me think up a fun giveaway for my next book.

 Spring is supposedly coming in the rest of the States. In my little corner of America, it can't make up its mind if it wants to be winter or fall. I silently glare at everyone who talks about how warm the weather is and how they are going for picnics or sitting out and reading in the sun. "Why not give me a nice paper cut and rub lemon juice in it while you're at it?"

 I'd keep up with all of this but I have to get some of my reading done before I sleep. And I'd like to sleep before it gets terribly late. So I am going to end here. 

 If I can stop my wandering mind from wandering, I should have a TV show review for Wednesday. But my mind likes to go on vacations, so don't count on it. I think it has plans to visit the Bermuda Triangle the middle of this week.

 You should know this quote. *Squinty eyes*




  1. "Think they'll make it?"
    "It'll take a miracle."
    "Bye bye!"

  2. Well, you don't want to miss tonight's S.H.I.E.L.D. It will be a huge change, that's for sure!!

  3. "You think it'll work?"


    The trailer isn't real... but the movie is:

    Unfortunately (or perhaps... fortunately) it doesn't look like any of the main characters from the first movies will be returning. While this makes me sad, as I love Sam Neill to death, I also hated what the writers did to his story-line in movie 3, and I respect the fact that the new director respects the actors and the story too much to try to squeeze them into a story that would end up feeling far too contrived if they showed up (in peril from crazy dinosaurs) yet AGAIN. I'd love to see some new faces and see Jurassic World be as epic as the first one. I still remember going to see that in theaters for the first time and just being so wowed by everything.

    (And my dad saying he was jealous, because they didn't have cool dinosaur movies like that when he was a kid... LOL)

  4. It sounds like you might of had the 24 hour flu. I don't know. But the only fun part of being sick is watching massive amounts of TV...but then again, you can do that anytime. LOL!


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