Friday, April 18, 2014

"Double, double, toil and trouble. Fire, burn, and cauldron bubble."

 Wherein Jack has been editing, a lot.

 My glasses finally came - because I know you were all dying to know that. They aren't cool Pond glasses or even Ten glasses. They are wanna be Ten glasses, but I'm so happy to be headache - less I don't really care.

 I printed all of The Broken Blade off so I can better edit it. It is 328 pages long and I like to take it places and thump it down on tables. (Because it makes such a nice thumping noise.)

 I need to stop scaring all my friends off. It is getting harder and harder to find people willing to help with book covers.

 My phone, which I use as a music player, is under the belief that I have too much music and not enough extra room for important phone stuff. Little does it know all those friends I scared off don't call me, so I really have no need for important phone stuff. (It also doesn't know that the main reason I bought it WAS to use it for a music player because mine died a cruel, early death when I left it in direct sunlight one summer.)

 I haven't edited today. I should have, but when I found out I didn't have to go in into one of my jobs I came home and kind of fall into my Star Trek chair and haven't felt like moving since. I've been tired all day - which is hopefully not a sign that I am getting sick. I'm all for sick days, but the only things I've been exposed to lately are colds, and colds don't count as sick days. You still have to work with a cold.

 I decided I need my own soundtrack. Imagine how exciting work would be if I had Josh Groban songs suddenly playing as I went dashing about? Unfortunately, I don't have the money for a surround sound system to follow me around. I am considering making one of my minions follow me with my music phone and cue Josh Groban songs while I'm working.

 I really should go and get my book, it is getting exciting.

 If any of my minions lived closer I'd make them go and get it for me.

 I've found myself a general and I believe I've found a mercenary. (Because every Evil Overlord needs a mercenary. I don't even know what a mercenary is...but this guy I know looks like one and when I take over the world, I am hiring him to be my mercenary. He's got the personality for it, though he keeps it hidden.)

 I am listening to Forbidden Friendship on my music phone right now.

 If you don't know what song that is I am throwing you in the dungeon.

 I fail at being an Author when it comes to writing an informative writer's blog. Just think, you might have followed me in the hopes of getting writing types and insight on how to complete a book.
 I can give you insight into world domination if that makes you feel any better.

 My mum and I are on the Ponds last series. She hasn't wanted to watch for awhile, I don't think she wants them to leave.

 I used to think it was funny, River shooting the Doctor's cowboy hat off. Until I realized Craig had given it to him. It is one of the few or only things I'm mad at her about.

 I need to start catching up on my book reviews. I am still way behind on them.

 I'm going to shut up down and attempt to get some work done. (Attempt. Here that? Attempt. I make no promises. It is Friday, and I've been editing all week. I want ice cream and my book.)

 I took the quote from Shakespeare, because you needed some sophistication after all that.




  1. My Minions follow me around. If yours aren't, then you need some new ones!

  2. I guess wanna be Ten glasses are okay.

    Kit likes printing her books out too. It's just cooler to have the physical copy. XD

    Rude people, not helping with book covers. *sniff*

    It was not nice of you to melt your iPod's brain.

    When we are together and not apart, I shall follow you around with your soundtrack. (Because I am an awesome minion.)
    However, if you tried to make me get Broken Blade for you, I would have done "Pfffth." in epic minion fashion.

    A MERCENARY!!! A mercenary is a soldier of fortune, who fights for whoever pays best. (Black Widow used to be one,I think.)

    I knew the quote was from Shakespeare. lol. But there's this Halloween cartoon featuring Donald Duck and a cute little witch, where the witch is making a batch of something in her magic pot, and she's chanting that, and she tells Donald's three little nephews that it's the real thing, so I always think, "Double, double, toil and trouble-- That's the real thing you know,right from Shakespeare!" And that was really random. It's too late to be commenting.

  3. @Treskie ah, so that is what a mercenary is. Cool beans! :)

  4. EDITING IS A KILLER. Gah, I've FINALLY finished editing my took me a month but it's fiiiinished. *small party* I'd love to print mine out though, because I want to thump it around. Or on people. That could be interesting.

    Yay for glasses!! I had them for a while to sort out my headaches, but them mysteriously I didn't need them anymore. Maybe my mutant abilities are coming in??

  5. I was going to volunteer to walk around behind you and cue Josh Groban songs but then Treskie offered. So I guess I'm stuck being the minion who rarely comments but always reads and also the one who goes and gets your book for you because I am awesome like that. ;-)

    P.S. I shall try to comment more now because I now have my own laptop instead of sharing with my sister, so I won't have her kicking me off constantly. Huzzah!

  6. Ooh! Me! Pick me! I know what that song is from! Practically have that whole soundtrack memorized... yeah... *cough*

    Anywho, Jack, I'm dropping by your blog to let you know I've awarded you at Lianne Taimenlore. If you can spare some time to pop over, I'd be ever so grateful! :)

    Oooh, yes. And I just started reading Haphazardly Implausible, and it's awesome. I'm only about a chapter in so far, but hey! I love it already! :)

  7. Ah, Jack, your posts never cease to make me smile.

    I am glad your glasses came in. As a person with chronic headaches, I know how annoying they are.

    I would totally follow you around and play Josh Groban songs for you if I could, because being your portable sound player means I'd get to hang out with you all day, and that sounds delightful. Although I fear we live very far away, being as how you say you live in a winter wasteland or something like that and I...well, let's say I live in the opposite of that. Sadness.

    And if I was the minion that retrieved your book you'd probably never get it because I'd get distracted and start reading it instead of bringing it to you...

    FORBIDDEN FRIENDSHIP!!!!!!!!!! I basically listen to that song over and over daily.

    Good luck on editing!

  8. @Hannah Joy
    You can do my soundtrack when Treskie needs days off or when I need her for other Minion work. Then you can both get days off.

    Oh goody! I like your comments 8-D It will be fun getting to know you even better.


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