Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"How are you so good with children?" "I read Dr. Spock's book....it's not about Star Trek."

 Wherein Jack wants to go on an Adventure

 This happens every year when the weather turns warm. I get restless and bored and start dressing in khaki and pretending I am Indiana Jones going on an adventure. Or I dig out my Middle Ages clothing - the ones my family hates - throw on my cloak, and pretend I am taking the Ring to Mordor.

 I was supposed to out grow this when I hit adult age. I know this. I think everyone who knew me as a kid was waiting eagerly for my adultness to set in so I'd stop climbing every tree I come across (and jumping out of them and hurting my ankle.) They were waiting for me to start wearing shoes all the time and not ditching them the moment the ground was no longer ice. And they were all excited for the day I'd give up my Ranger cloak and stop sneaking it up on hiking trips.

 I'm not sure, but I think by this time, they've given up on the whole growing up thing.

 And if they haven't, they should.

 I never wanted to be one of those annoying people who acted like they were five just to pester all of their friends. I don't still climb trees just to prove I am just as childish now as I was when I was ten (I've actually gotten worse.)

 I can act like an adult when it is required. I know there is a time to be responsible and not make faces at costumers at work or shoot rubber bands at them when they are being annoying. (This is hard sometimes, but I've made it a year at my job and have not shot anyone so far. Be proud.)

 I believe there is a difference between being an adult and being responsible. Some people are meant to grow up. (You know the ones. Lawyers. Bankers.) They get those jobs we don't want or understand how come they keep going to them. They work from nine to five, go home, eat dinner, and watch TV with their slippers on. (I'm picking on grown ups. I shall try and behave myself.)
 But really, some people enjoy this life. I had a friend who couldn't wait to grow up, and I think she is having a lot of fun being an adult. I'm happy for her. 

 Growing up that way never fit me.

 I think part of it is because I am an Author. Maybe fellow Authors will understand. (Or creative people in general. Maybe it is that one side of the brain thing.)Everything looks different when you can use it for a new world or story. Spring isn't just the time to ditch your coats, it is time for adventures! And not just pulling your bike out and taking it to work. More like the climbing trees adventures, swimming in lakes that are too cold to swim in. Climbing mountains and risk falling off them. (And let's not mention rain storms and afterward puddle jumping.) (Jumping IN the puddles, for those who think puddle jumping means jumping over them.)

 I also think I just lost the point to this post. It was turning sappy there for a moment, and then my headache came back and everything ran away. (I stepped on my brilliant Pond glasses the other day and bent them. I've been getting headaches ever since, so I'm hoping my new pair will mend this problem. Even though it means I won't have Pond glasses anymore.)
 The best I can make out, the point of all of this was to say go put flowers in your hair and frolic in a field. Or maybe go on a treasure hunt and get chased by a treasure hunting bad guy - Rastapopoulos if you like. 
 I think the real point behind it though is not to become a banker. "I'm used to dealing with thugs and hit men, but you bankers...you're scary."

No. I take that all back. 
 The real, deep, hidden meaning behind this long ramble is...Don't. Step. On. Your. Pond. Glasses!
 Bad things happen when you step on your Pond glasses.

 That is all I am going to leave you with.

 Quote is from Daddy Day Care, from the Star Trek geek




  1. Never grow up! I'm not. Heck, if you like climbing trees, i say go for it! If people have a problem, they should check themselves for defectiveness. Never lose the inner child. Wheee! ❤️

  2. The magical thing about being an author is that you never grow up, but no one can tell by looking at you from the outside. :)

  3. You can be responsible and mature without ever growing up. It's called keeping a childlike state of wonder.

  4. Amen. I have the sudden urge to go climb a tree now... and get myself a real Ranger cloak... rather than just using my jacket ties and not putting my arms in the sleeves and pretending it's a Ranger cloak (which just isn't as good as having a real Ranger cloak). :)

  5. I love this post. :) I think you described authors, creative people, and, sorry, homeschoolers (Homeschoolers know how to act mature when it's required or around strangers, but honestly they never, ever grow up). Every morning I wake up and get in the car to go to school, I see the beautiful green trees, the spring wind is blowing and I wish so bad I could go in the woods and climb a tree instead of go to school. To go take a walk and pretend I might find myself in Narnia. Or that I'm a Ranger, or spy. Adventuring is always fun.

  6. You have a ranger cloak?!?! That's it, drop everything, go on an adventure. Maybe not so far as Mordor, because you might not come back. But at least go somewhere - and climb trees.
    I hope your new glasses help with the headaches. That's awful that your Pond-glasses bent.
    Adventure is out there!

  7. I wish I could buy you new Pond glasses. I feel so bad they broke :(

    Some people just aren't meat to grow up. I am one of those people. as are you. I've been feeling restless too. I want Gandalf to knock on my door and ask me to find gold with dwarves. I want the Doctor to materialize outside my door and demand that I come away with him. I want Jack to come back up so I can run through meadows with her and splash through puddles and have tree-climbing races. And this time I'd wear a cloak too. And I'd take Sting. And we could look for dragons. Because there are some things you want to do that makes your family embarrassed and you don't understand why they are so upset your kneeling in the back yard, wrapped in a blanket, digging up hidden artifacts.


  8. I enjoyed this greatly. It may be an author thing, as I may never completely grow up. Yes, I can act like an adult when it's needed...I'm trying to be responsible and mature. But I'm still a big kid :)

    Although I'm kind of a Bilbo Baggins when it comes to adventures. I can handle them when I'm dragged unexpectedly on them, but I'm too fond of my comfy chair and scones to go searching for them on purpose... ;)

  9. Ah, yes, growing up. Terribly overrated. I never wanted to, and I doubt I ever will. A few of my coworkers think that I may be insane. (Actually, I'm an author, but the words are almost synonymous, so they're close enough.) I have several costume dresses in my closet, and two cloaks (one of which I crocheted myself with my own pattern) ... I haven't climbed any trees recently, but that's not fault of mine. I don't really have any good climbing trees, and while I could get up the ones I have when I was smaller, I don't want to attempt it now.

    But shoes are for the birds. I've never liked them, and if anything, I shed them earlier every year.

    Yes, I know how to be mature. I've been working for almost five months now (scary thought, there), and my boss says that I'm one of her better workers. But I'm not afraid to have fun and run into walls. (The floors have very bad traction, so I use the walls to stop myself when I want to get to the back quickly.)

    Anyways, I'm not dressed yet, and today's my day off ... so I think I might just pull out my fairy dress. Yes, I think I really might ...

  10. I like being a grown up but that's probably because I still love to play and create too! :)

  11. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!

    I have absolutely no intention on growing up. I don't see a point in it. I think people can be mature but still child-like at the same time. I mean, like you said, I know when to be responsible. In fact, I've even been told I'm mature (which I find hilarious but you know...), but does that mean I have to be stuffy? Who wants that? I think we SUPPOSED to have that child-like wonder of the world throughout our whole life, whether we're 9 or 90.

    I'm 21, and I believe in dragons, and sometimes peek into closets to see if Narnia is there, my favorite activity is swinging, and I still sleep with a stuffed animal. But I'm okay with that. Who wants to be a banker? Psh.

    And I think you're right, it comes with being a writer. People who spend their life creating magical worlds naturally are still going to believe in fairies.

    I absolutely adored this post! You're the best, Jack. ^_^ And I'm sorry you stepped on your glasses. That's awful. :(

  12. Jack, I love the way your brain works. It totally clicks with mine and everything you say makes perfect sense. Totally loved this post!!!!

  13. *A moment of silence for the Pond glasses.*


    I'm sad!!

    Also yes, I love that you don't like growing up either. XD


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