Friday, April 04, 2014

"If I'm radioactive why don't I have superpowers?" "Baby, we all feel cheated."

 Wherein Jack is random

 This has not been an overly productive week, as you can tell from my AWOL since returning on Monday. I thought I could get right back into the middle of everything, but between sulking about from missing my friends, attempting to get caught up on Math again, and my newly caught cold I haven't had time or felt like doing much. I am going to start editing and writing again next week, and maybe attempting Camp NaNo, though I doubt it.

 I also need to start reading more than I have. The books that I have offered to read and write early reviews on need to be done this month. Reading or finding time for it has never been a problem for me. But for some reason, whenever I open the books my mind wanders. It isn't that they are boring, it is more like my mind is rebellious and likes to do the opposite of what I need it to do. (I like that. That is my new theory behind why I can't get the hang of Math.)

 I was going to share pictures from my visit, but when I went back to find some, I realized the only ones I could use were of scenery. If you want to see some fun ones though, you should check on Treskie's blog. (The link is on my sidebars.) I'm even in some of them.

 That's about all I have today. I tried to think up something grand and fun to keep talking about but my head hurts too much. So I am going to leave you with my lack of words of wisdom, and this.

 The winner of the Ransom Story Contest is KATHRYN! I will be sending you an email soon, Monday at the latest. This weekend is going to be busy for me.
 But thank you everyone who sent something in. I had a lot of fun reading your entries.
 And on that note, what are some of your favourite kinds of contests? I plan on doing another for when a Test of Loyalty is out, but I want to do fun ones that everyone will enjoy. If you have suggestions I'd love to hear them!

 Quote is from Leverage, which I watched while visiting my friends. (Review coming soon, because it was good enough to have a review.)




  1. Get well soon Jack. Sounds like you have a lot to do. Although a wandering mind is good for math...JK! ;P

  2. I really like that math theory of yours—it could have applied to me when I was in school, too. And still could. There's a reason why I'm a writer and not a mathematician.

    Feel better soon!

  3. Sorry about your cold.
    If it's a trivia contest, I'm all for it!

  4. I really need to get caught up on's a great show. Hope you feel less 'cold-y' soon :)

  5. Shall I do a Sophie and squeeze someone's arm, and say, "Aww, see that? She did miss us." lol.


    You are sad and sick and sulky. .... You should just come back and we will make you not be sick. lol. (Or sad and sulky)I'mma send you the pictures from the visit so you can see them. Kay?

    Trivia contests are good, I like things that involve drawing... or just... a name that quote is good too. lol.


  6. Sorry to hear you're sick! :( Hope you get well soon! *sends you a great big balloon that reads "GET WELL, JACK" in bright letters*

    I'm trying out CampNaNo myself this month. My first time to do Camp. I'm having a hard time finding, well, time for it, hopefully I can keep up. If you do decide to tackle it, I offer you the very bestest of luck. ^_^

    JACK. LEVERAGE. OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS MY OH. Do you know that is one of my most FAVORITEST shows in the history of history??? I LOVE IT SO MUCH! <333

    Also, congrats to the contest winner! :D


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