Thursday, April 24, 2014

"I'm the creme in a crying sandwich."

 Wherein Jack tries something new

 I've reviewed movies and books and TV shows before, but never music. I was going to do Josh Groban's when his new CD, All That Echos, came out. I never got around to it though. I am attempting a CD review now though. We will see if I can pull it off.

 Whispered Stories by Brittany Jean. (By? I might have that wrong. Maybe I should say composed. As you can see, I really don't know much about music.)

 While writing I ALWAYS have music on. (Let's face it, no matter what I am doing I have music playing. I am worse than a teenage girl when it comes to music.) I am kind of picky, though. Picky might be the wrong word. I don't know where to find new music so I've been listening to the same three artists for the last six years. (Josh Groban, Enya, and Adam Young.) Whenever someone recommends new music I am leery about buying the CD because I never know if I will like it.

 When I write I like to have inspiring music playing, often with words. (Which is why I tend to not listen to Classical music while I work.) I do movie soundtracks sometimes, but not often, and when I do it is usually just one song from a soundtrack. With How To Train Your Dragon it is always Forbidden Friendship. With Sherlock Holmes it is Brothers In Bond Not Blood. The only soundtracks I don't mind just putting on and listening to are Tintin, Narnia, and Lord of the Rings.

 With Josh Groban, Enya, and Adam Young I can put on their CDs depending on what I am writing and the music just seems to fit my stories. I can fit my characters into the songs - if that makes sense. (Like music videos.) It is hard for me to find songs like this.

 I heard one song from the Whispered Stories CD and I knew I would have to buy the CD someday. The song, either Daddy or Something To Miss, had a folky, country feel to it. I instant loved it. And when I finally got the CD I was not disappointed in the rest of the songs.

 I wouldn't exactly call them country. They have a nicer sound to them, and Brittany Jean's voice is soothing and sweet. The songs all have a homely feel to them, something you'd expect to hear while you are sitting outside in the summer, watching the stars and counting lightening  bugs. (I've been listening to it all week, which for me is a good sign. If I can listen to a song or CD over and over for a day without getting bored with it then I know I will love the song for years.)
 I even let my family listen to it and they all enjoyed it. That is also saying a lot, because we all have huge different tastes in music.

 Bear in mind, I know little about music. I know there are music critics who spend their lives with music and know it inside and out. I'm not one of them. So I can't give any professional feedback other than I've added it to my writing list, and few CDs ever make it there.

 Brittany Jean's sister sent me the CD to listen to and write a review on. You can learn more about Brittany Jean on her website HERE!!!! You can even hear two of her songs there. So go listen, now, your Evil Overlord commands you.

 Quote is from Psych....because you all needed a random Psych quote.




  1. Groban isn't my style of music, but glad you enjoyed. Did you know he was in the latest Muppet movie?

  2. I'm picky with music too, but I love a wide variety of songs. :)

  3. I'm picky, but in a weird way. I'll go through spurts of THIS MUSIC IS AWFUL. ALL MUSIC BUT JOSH AND A FEW SELECT OTHERS IS AWFUL.

    And then I'll be like, "listen to ALL the thingsw!" so I dunno.

    I'll have to listen to those people you recommended... when I can find my stupid earbuds.

  4. Hi! Hi! Hi! I'm actually commenting on blogs again!

    Oooh! I'm always looking for new music and I think I'll have to go listen to Whispered Stories.
    As you know, we listen to music a lot around here. :) And we warble away to it too. Loudly.

    Anyway. I must be going know. Byeee!


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