Monday, April 21, 2014

"I'm not that kind of doctor. I don't have the-" "What? The time?" "Temperament."

 Wherein Jack plots and schemes

 This is not about world domination - which I am still in the process of pulling off - nor is it about some random editing ramble. I took Monday off to finish a final paper for school, and am writing this before I get back into editing and all of the randomness returns.

 First thing, I am sorry to announce that A Test of Loyalty will not be out on June 14th. There is just too much going on for me to attempt it, and I got too behind on editing. I could push myself, but between the continued coming in requests for me to do beta reading and book reviews I think I'd have to give up those few hours of sleep I am getting. (This isn't a complaint. I'm one of those people who doesn't need much sleep, it is just one of my weird talents.) 
 After giving it a lot of thought, I have decided it would work better all the way around to move the book back a month. It will now be coming out July 14th. 

 To add to this, I have gotten VERY bad at doing proper release announcements. I've been sending my books off into the world without the kind of recolonization to let the world know they are there. I'm going to try and fix this.

 Following is what I am looking for.

 I have a copy of the first book, A Stretch of Loyalty. It was the edition I had printed before the final one so I could go over it and make sure the formatting and cover look nice. Since it was not the final copy, there are some things missing from it. (Such as a complete list of the title chapters. And there are still a couple of mistakes in it that were not fixed at the time.) It has been sitting on my shelf with me uncertain what to do with it. Until my kindred spirit, Jenelle, came up with an idea which I have stolen from her.
 I will be giving the book away in exchange for an honest book review. (Since I only have one copy it will have to go to the first person to email me. If I had more copies I would extend this offer to more than one person, but unfortunately that won't work.) If you are interested please email me at and I will be sure and send it off this week - if I get an email this week. (For the review, I don't really have a preference of where you post it. The Amazon site, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, your own personal blog...all of the above.)

 I am also looking for two Authors to read and write an early review for A Test of Loyalty before it is out. (I have a couple review requests with this one, but I will send them to whoever contacts me. But, just as a heads up.) If anyone is interested in that, if you could please email me as well. If not, I might just stalk down a couple of Authors and email them. *Evil Overlord grin*

 Lastly, I am wanting to do another book release party for A Test of Loyalty. For Abolished Impracticality characters...held a short story contest. I know all of you are very talented, and not all of you are writers. So I've been trying to come up with another idea for this party. So far I have two options, and I'd like to take a vote on them. (I'll be doing both so even if the one you really want isn't picked, it will be coming up later.)
 First is to have a book trailer contest. This does not have to be for one of my books, but any of your favourite books. (Not sure what more I can say about this....except that there are no special rules on how the video would have to be made. There are all kinds of book trailers out there, and if you need ideas you can look up some on youtube, which is what I've done in the past. I've seen some which just use pictures from books, some which have real people acting, and some which just use pictures or music and words. They can be a lot of fun to make though. The more creative you get the more fun it is.)
 The second idea is an art contest of sorts. Where you could all send in a picture from a scene from your favourite book. 
 The choice is up to all of you, so let me know in the comments which you'd like best.

 The contest will likely start next week and go till the end of May, when I will be releasing my own book trailer for A Test of Loyalty. 

 What do all of you think? Sound exciting? I will also be starting up character reveals again - for the Loyalty book - and talking about some of the different creatures who appear in the series. And I will also do some posts about its history in Oleander.

 And thus concludes all of my new schemes.

 Quote is from the ending little clip of Iron Man Three.




  1. Email sent! Whether or not I'm in time to procure a review, I'm really excited about the new book!! :D

  2. I'd be happy to announce your contest and release! That much I can do.

  3. I think a book trailer sounds like fun!

  4. I'll be sure to add your release to my Bookworm News feature.

    The contest sounds like fun!

  5. Those contests sound really fun!


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