Monday, April 28, 2014

"On your left." "On your left." "Okay, I get it." "Don't you say it!" "On your left."

Wherein Jack is ready for summer

 I am washing my wrist brace because, with having to study for finals, I don't have much time for writing this week and therefore don't need it. (You know life is lacking excitement when laundry updates make it into a post.)

 I am ready for school to be over. I am ready for it to stop snowing. I want to go on a bike ride and sit in the sun with a book. Sadly, winter has decided - like it does every spring - that warm weather shouldn't grace us just yet. This is the time of year we keep our coats handy because you never know when your spring weather is going to be buried in snow one morning. 

 I was going to talk about this on Friday, but I was having too much fun talking about the I didn't. (I almost didn't do it today because I wanted to review The Winter Solder, which I finally saw. I even started the review, but I am still stuck on the BUCKY!!!! stage Once I am able to get passed that I will review.)

 Back to the party.

 It was voted on to have a video party. (Well, there was only one vote, but a vote is a vote, so that one wins.) Those who didn't vote...HAHAHA! Too late now! *Ahem* Sorry, Evil Overlord moment.

 Here are the rules - more like guidelines than actual rules - then I have to go.

 Your video can be about anything. (A trailer for your favorite book, movie. A scene from either. Or it can be a story you made up.) The main idea is to have fun with it.
 As I said before, it doesn't have to be actual acting. If you need ideas you can get tons from youtube. (That is where I get all of mine.) You can do pictures, acting, music with words. Whatever your talent is.
 Most computers, I believe, have a video making program already on them. (If you have trouble figuring it out I'd again recommend youtube. I know, they have instructions for everything, but I'm pretty sure I found something on there to help me figure my program out.)
 I will be picking the winner by putting all eateries names in a hat and drawing one. So you don't have to make the next Avengers trailer to win. But, the more creative you get the more fun it is sure to be.
 I am thinking of doing one of my own - not to try and win the contest - but just so I will be doing it with everyone else and can help out if needs be. (Something like that. My logic is a little fried at the moment.)
 If the winner - or anyone else wants - I will post your videos when the contest is over. But I will not post without permission. (It might be fun for everyone to get the chance to see what everyone else came up with.)

 The entry date will end May 14th, when I will be revealing the cover. (I might extend the date to the end of May though if everyone things the 14th would not be enough time. Let me know.)

 If you would like to help spread word about this I would be grateful. I'd like to get word out about this book - more than I did with book one. So, pass it along if you want 8-D

 I am still trying to decide between two prizes. I might have a first and second place winner. Once I have decided I will let everyone know what they are.

 And now that I've gotten that done....I will probably send out emails to fellow Authors, but is there anyone who would like to take part in A Test of Loyalty's cover reveal? Please send me an email or comment. The more help I get the better 8-D

 What do you all think? Sound like fun?

 Quote is from The Winter Solder....but more on that later.




  1. This sounds like a lot of fun. Now I have to find some time, and an idea for a video.
    I tagged you for the Liebester Award thing. Just in case you wanted to know. . .
    Awesome quote by the way. The Winter Soldier was pretty good. I can't wait for Spiderman 2 though.

  2. Oooh, a video contest! I've been wanting to make a book trailer... just haven't gotten around to it. This might be the push I need.

    I would LOVE to help out with your next cover reveal! Sendify the details when you have them!

    Yes, I said "sendify"... and no, I really can't explain. I'm just a little weird like that.

    Thank you so much for the nice review of my sister's CD! I'm so thrilled that you enjoyed it!

  3. Very cool! Will plug your contest tomorrow. And glad you enjoyed Captain America.

  4. I need to see Winter Soldier. Marvel, hurry up and get that on DVD!!

    The video contest sounds like a lot of fun! I don't think I'll be able to contribute as I've already got too much on my plate, but I'm excited to see everyone's entries! :)

    Ooh, Jack, if you need another blog for your cover reveal, I'm in! Just shoot me an email whenever you please.

  5. BUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, a video contest sounds totally fun! I'm lame and not nearly talented enough to join in, but I think it'll be great seeing everyone else's entries.


  6. I'm in.

    Alex pointed and I followed.

    I am fairly new at this game but I did create two videos for my books. The first one took *weeks* to make. The second came together in two days.

    Experience does help, LOL.

    Author of Wilder Mage at Spirit Called
    Facebook Wilder Mage

  7. And yes, I will partake in the cover reveal. email me at:


  8. Like Jenelle, I never made a book trailer, but wanted to . . . this is the right push at the right time. Thank you, Jack!!!
    And yes, please sign me up to help with your book release!!! And you know, I don't have a 1 Word Interview set up for May or June yet. Would you like to do that? Or just take over with an awesome guest post? Let me know.

  9. We can share laundry updates, because I just found a skirt that I've been missing and I danced around in it, because I had missed it greatly. lol.

    I will make Bella do a video for you, because I'm *Dreadful* at them, and I will help her out. Can we do it as a team effort?

    I will take place in the cover reveal because I am that awesome. You know my emails.

  10. Hmmm ... I've been meaning to do up a trailer for The Ankulen ... maybe this will be sufficient inspiration to get me to do so ...

    And you know that my blog is always open to cover reveals. (And if you need another editor, I'd be happy to help - and should have a story that needs editing soon, if you want to make it a swap.) I recently (And finally!) finished reading Stretch, so I'm eager to find out what happens next

  11. EEEEEE!!! This is SO exciting! Since making the trailer for my book, I've been wanting to do another trailer with my dolls - this is the perfect opportunity! Hmmm, now, which book should I do?! There are too many to choose from!

    I'd love to take part in the cover reveal. =D


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