Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"41st! 41st!" "It's not like they put the numbers on the outside of the building!"

 Have you ever had one of those days were you planned to get a lot of work done and the whole world was against you? That was my day yesterday. I was going to come home from work, read, edit, and post. Instead, my family decided to last minute go out of town and see Godzilla on the big screen. (The screen in town is tiny and pathetic for watching giant monsters tear up cities.) It was fun, I won't deny that it was fun, but now I have to resort to the hermit life again and hide in my bedroom all day to see if I can get caught up.

 I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed with the Blade Books lately. I've never written anything like them before and when I look over the story and everything I hope to accomplish with it I feel like I have given myself an impossible task.

 It isn't just so much making sure all of the different series fit together so the final book won't flop, it is the actual Blade series itself. There are certain things I am attempting with it that are kind of risky. I've been getting help with them - I sent a long email to someone the other day because they managed to pull off what I am hoping to do. It was brilliant when they did it. I keep believing mine is going to sound like some half thought out Science Fiction idea I threw in last minute because I wanted a plot change. 

 I'm not even sure what it is about this series that has me feeling lost and believing I am going to murder it brutally. Part of it is because I have been planning it for years. Even before I got the title or the actual idea, the desire to write a quest book has been bouncing around in my head since I was about 12 or 13. 

 I am hoping this is a good sign. These books aren't easy to write. There are days when I open the document and just stare at it because I don't know what is supposed to happen or why the characters did something and left me to try and catch up. I would have thought after all the plot changes the crew of the Haphazard books put me through I'd be more prepared for the Blade Boys. But they have their own level of insanity and plot changes. But if the books take more time, and surprise me this much, then maybe that means they will turn out really well. (I don't know how that works. But it seems to make sense if you've spent longer agonizing over a plot then it has a better chance of knocking people's boots off.)

 Not to make it sound like I am not having fun with the series. (I was writing one scene the other day with Fagan and Trystan and discovered I really like them together. Something about almost killing the grumpy characters - fun things happen.)

 I am nearing the end of book two. It is longer than I expected. I tend not to write long books because I don't want things to being to drag. But this time it just seems to work, and I am hoping by the end of it I will have the story I have always wanted.

 I should stop now. I have editing to do and then I need to re-write a chapter which was lost when I was having computer problems.

 Quote is from The Winter Soldier again. Between Sam Wilson and Nick Fury.




  1. I could have written this post—except for the part about going to see Godzilla.

    Hang in there. You'll figure it all out, and it'll be spectacular when you do.

  2. Some days, you just have to watch Godzilla.
    What I'm working on now is a bigger idea than I think I can handle as well. Bet we both pull off our stories though.

  3. I know what you mean about those days, except mine was filled with day job related work, which gave me little free time to do my writing related work. Definitely not as fun as watching Godzilla.

    I think you'll pull it off. Sometimes the best stories are those that scare us when we try to write them. :)

  4. Here, haves some Chocolate. I overbought at Easter, and have extra.

    I know what you're talking about. Both on the not getting as much done as you've planned front, and on the impossible task front. First one, not much advice, just make better use of your time today. Haven't gotten my time machine working quite yet (I actually gave it a test run yesterday, but it sent me forward instead of backwards. Luckily, I was only aiming for a few minutes.)

    I can tell you're passionate about your Blade books. And I know from experience that the book I'm most passionate can be the hardest to write. You have all those expectations for it, and you don't want to botch it by writing it. (Because, like it or not, writing a book will undeniably tarnish its perfection). Also, it's usually the more unique ideas that (for me at least) make me more excited, and as you've said, it can be scary to write a unique idea. What if you botch it? What if you're actually not any good at this sort of writing? What if the world isn't ready for this sort of writing?

    For here, my advice is persevere and don't be afraid to take risks. Sure, it can be scary, and there's always a possibility that you'll botch the whole thing, but there's also a possibility that it will be better than you ever imagined. And there's always rewriting if you mess up somewhere.

  5. Oh my word!! That's EXACTLY what happened to me yesterday too! (Well, not the Godzilla part... but the hoping to get lots done and then failing).

    The Blade books sound like they are going to be really fun to read! (They sound fun to write too, despite the difficulties you are facing). I agree with Kendra, just keep persevering. Once you finish the first drafts, then you can go back and worry about whether or not it's good/if it will work/whether or not this or that character needs to get the boot. That's why I love NaNoWriMo; it doesn't give you time to think about all that sort of stuff, but it gives you the bone structure of what could become a great book.
    Don't be afraid to take your time with these books, Jack! (I don't think you are... but I always feel like a book is at it's best when the author has worked really hard and long at it, and hasn't done a rush job just to get it into the hands of the drooling public).

  6. How was Godzilla???

    Awwwwwwwwwww, don't be overwhelmed. *throws chocolate at you* They is good. XD

    And you are a good writer.

    And of course, I'm an excellent reader.

    Just relax and have fun like you're writing about people like Jaron.


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