Saturday, May 17, 2014

"Lauren? With the lip ring?" "Yeah, she's cute." "Yeah...I'm not ready for that."

 Wherein Jack shares the blurb for A Test of Loyalty

 I don't know why, but I've been having the worst trouble with this book. Between trying to get a cover done and just editing it. Part of editing was my computer trouble and then getting sick. Another reason is I was sent about four different requests to help with beta reading and do book reviews. Not that I am complaining. If I get to say reading is part of my job I am all for that. I can spend a whole evening reading and say I am working. What isn't to like?

 I really want to work on marketing though. I've been letting it slip lately and am therefore trying to come up with new ideas. I am trying them out with this book. Hopefully they will work.

 The cover is, once again, one of my biggest concerns. I had hoped to have it done by now, but I don't even have a picture for it yet. But, I do have a plan now and am hoping to get the picture - and the one for book three - this week. Once I have the picture things tend to go smoother. 

 I am still holding the trailer contest!!! I've even made one, because I said I might, just to join in. (And I will be sharing it. It is slightly embarrassing, so if I can show mine to all of you you can show yours to everyone else. *Grin* Like my reasoning?)

 Moving on. 

 The blurb. 

 Let me know what you think!

 Upon learning he is one of the sons of the now dead king, Prince Lachlan has been forced to leave the only home he has ever known. Fleeing for his life, his step-brothers a step behind, Lachlan finds safety and friendship with a young seamstress named Magda, a hermit, an Elf, and two Dwarf brothers. Determined to keep the young prince alive, Magda and the others seek out help in the surrounding Nations.

 Everywhere they go, the fugitives are constantly turned away. They are followed by Lachlan's half- brothers who are determined to kill him so that one of them might take their father's crown and become the next king. With every place Lachlan is taken, his brothers close in and when the finally catch up Lachlan is forced to face the question that has been haunting him since he left home.

 Lachlan was saved in the hopes he would become a better king then his father and his brothers. But the last thing he wants is to sit on the throne. If he refuses the crown, will there be anyone willing to fight to keep him alive?

 TADA! What do you think?

 Quote is from The Winter Soldier. (I don't think I've used it before, but if I have, sorry.)




  1. "That blurp, I like it. ANOTHER!"

    And since I've been downright awful about commenting and email altogether, Happy Birthday! Sorry I didn't wish it to you on the day. But I forgot. ;)
    Sonic Screwdrivers are the best, aren't they?


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  3. Wonderful blurb! I like it a lot! It tells just enough info about book one, without taking over the whole thing. Great job! (Why is it that blurbs are harder than writing the actual book?)
    Good luck with your cover pictures!
    P.S. I watched the Howl's Moving Castle movie with my friend tonight! I really enjoyed it! "May all your bacon burn."

  4. Hi, Jack...

    Sounds like you are running around like a mad woman... LOL. So much going on...

    As you know I write blurbs for authors professionally. Your blurb is good, but it could be better. I am all about creating the atmosphere, tension, and focus on one event to set the stage for a book.

    You've been to my blog and read some of my A-Z intros the theme I had chosen this year and last. So you know what i'm talking about.

    My best advice to you is focus on an event and build up your characters from there. IT will be very exciting because your premise is really intriguing...

    If you need some assistance let me know.

  5. Oh funnn! I like it a lot! I MUST get my hands on your books! Sounds so exciting.

    In this sentence: "With every place Lachlan is taken, his brothers close in and when the finally catch up Lachlan is forced to face the question that has been haunting him since he left home." You have "the finally catch up" where it should be "they". I think that is my biggest typo. The Y just never wants to appear there for some reason. Silly Y. Also I might would but a comma after "up", but I'm the comma queen, so I might not be the best judge on that.

    And in this sentence: "Lachlan was saved in the hopes he would become a better king then his father and his brothers." That "then" should be a "than" instead I believe.

    Otherwise it looks spectacular! Now I want to read your books even more!!! I need moneys...


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