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"Where did you learn how to steal a car?" "Germany. And we're borrowing it - get your feet off the dash."

 Wherein Jack holds in interview

 This was meant to go up on Tuesday. I've been trying to begin editing and writing now that school is over, and between that and the beta reading and book reviews I am  behind on I've been feeling piled under papers. (It is better than being piled under school papers, but it is still taking more work than I thought it would getting out from under them all.)

 Right now I have the house to myself for awhile, Josh Groban playing on my phone, a cup of tea, and a foggy day outside giving me an excuse to keep inside for a little while. (Ever seen The 13th Warrior? My brother and I have this thing about fog because of that movie. Not meaning we hate fog, we really like the movie and therefore like fog even more than we used to. We just like to shout, "FIRE WORM!" and lock the door whenever it is foggy out.)

 Okay, back to my late post.

 I will say this again even though I've said it a lot. I am writing a book with a fellow Author, Kendra - who wrote Sew it's a Quest. We've been doing character interviews to introduce you all to our....characters. (Don't ask me to make sense right now. I'm your Evil Overlord and you have to accept my ramblings as they are.)

 I will be interviewing my main characters best friend today, Christa. 

 Welcome, Christa! Please, have a seat. And some cookies...if you can find them. John wanted a snack again.

 Oh, that is okay. He's cute, I don't mind sharing cookies with him.

 Yeah, well I think he kind of minds sharing with other people. Anyways, because of certain parts in books I'm writing and editing I am kind of feeling lost how to carry out this interview. Since I am pretty much supposed to ask you about yourself though....I will see what I can do.
 You are best friends with Adrian, the crown prince who has been living in hiding his whole life.

 Yes, thank you, by the way. 

 For what?

 Giving me no warning about that. He is my best friend, since we were little kids. And now....he's the crown prince and he's off to be king, and I had no kind of warning whatsoever!

 And here I was, thinking you were such a sweet character.

 Wouldn't you be angry too if your best friend was forced to do something he hated? He hates anything to do with government, and you are making him king. 

 In all fairness, it wasn't just my idea. I am CO-Authoring this book. Which means I wasn't alone.

 You created Adrian, so it is your fault.

 Are you going to spend this whole interview yelling at me?

 No, I am sorry. I will be okay once I get used to the idea. It will just take time.

 Imagine how Adrian feels.

 Oh, thank you, that makes everything easier to handle

 Okay, now, back to the part where I ask YOU questions. Um, so this is kind of obvious, but you care about Adrian I take it?

 I just said he was my best friend, of course I care about him.

 I care about my best friends too. That is why I take Nerf bullets for them.

 I don't know what a Nerf or a bullet is.

 Doesn't matter. Um....what do you hope to accomplish with your life.

 I thought you would say, "What did you want to be when you grew up?"

 I almost did. Give me a break, I am trying to act professional here.

 *Giggles* Well, I do love books. I always dreamed of starting a little library in my home town. I visited one once when I went to one of the bigger towns and I loved the idea. I am still hoping I might be able to do this someday. It wouldn't be too hard....wouldn't have been...since I knew the village printer.

 Sorry about that. How would you describe your friendship with Adrian? Are you kind of like the leader and he follows you around or the opposite?

 I don't know. He's older, so I guess I always followed him around. But....he's been like my brother for as long as I can remember. He's always there for me, looking out for me even though I don't think he really likes being around people. I don't mean he dislikes people, he just likes to keep to himself and can be a little awkward around them sometimes.

 Very good, very good. I'm going to have fun spending a book with him. 
 You were invited to be one of the bride's maids to the princess's wedding. Are you excited?

 I WAS. And then I found out she is Adrian's twin sister. Now I feel bad for him and feel even worse I am going to be taking part in the wedding.

 Another thing you were probably wishing you had a warning about. 

 Might have been nice.

 I'll take that into consideration. But I really have to go back and edit. I got myself into another one of those...holes.

 I don't know what editing holes are.

 Of course you wouldn't. Trust me, they aren't fun. Do you have any parting words you'd like to share? and Kendra be nice to Adrian, okay? He's been through a lot and your forcing him into taking the throne. This is a lot to deal with, so be understanding. He is going to have his bad days, but he tries to do his best. So.....just, don't make life too hard on him, please?

 I promise to be understanding. I am of most of my characters. (I have issues with a certain someone at the moment. Well...two, we aren't exactly on speaking terms.) But, I will keep in mind everything I am putting Adrian through. Though I cannot promise life won't be too hard on him.

 I didn't think you would.

 You know me well. Thank you for coming by.

 Thank you. I had fun...a bit. *Waves*
 The fog just turned into on of those cold rains. The kind that smells nice but you wouldn't want to be out in it unless you were on a mission to take the ring to Mordor or take a mountain back from a Dragon. In other words....I think I might go for a walk. So if you don't see me for a year look for me in Mordor. Actually...come and save me because if I go alone there is a good chance I will get lost or side tracked. Or have so much dressing up as an Orc that I will forget why I went in the first place.

 I might have used this quote already. I don't remember. I am trying to convince someone into going with me to see it again because I was too busy worrying about Bucky to catch a lot of quotes.




  1. What a fun interview! And we writers are too mean to our characters, aren't we? :)

  2. Wonderful interview! And we are pretty mean to our characters, but it's for their own good, right? :)
    Great quote, too.

  3. HI, Jack....

    Enjoyed the interview! I a sassy character~

  4. I will go to Mordor with you!

    Awesome interview! She sounds very loyal. I like sister/brother relationships in books. :)

  5. Perfect. Now I think I can proceed with confidence on the next chapter. Christa, I promise to be no meaner to Adrian than I am to any of my other Characters. Can't make promises about how my characters will treat him, however. Characters have minds of their own, as I'm sure you're aware.

    Also, Jack, you forgot to leave a link to the interview I posted with Delaney! Ah, well, I shall include it here.

    Interview with Delaney


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