Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"Will you shot me if I come out? Because then I won't come out."

 The other day my friend and I were talking about the Bucky Knife Flip. 
 And our conversation went something like this.

 Her "I am going to learn how to do that."
 Me "Me too."
 Her "I am going to start with a spoon or something first though."
 Me ".............oh. That is a good idea. I was just going to start with my pocket knife. Maybe I should use a spoon too. I don't know how I would explain to the doctors why there is a knife stuck in my palm."

 The moral of this story? I need friends, because I don't think things through and end up doing stupid things, coming up with better options AFTER it is too late.

 I FINALLY made it out last night to get pictures for A Test of Loyalty's book cover. I have been working on editing them and am hoping to have everything ready by the end of May. Which means the cover release date should be on the 31st. (I say should because things like to tea)

 I am close to finishing another round of editing. Locking myself in my room yesterday helped, I got three chapters done. Of course, by the end of the day I was kind of brain dead, but you know.

 Lately I have been getting a lot of requests to read and review books which will be published soon. It hasn't been all that bad, because I love reading, but I sometimes sit back and think and then feel overwhelmed. (Part of it was because I was behind on my editing so long I didn't know how I was going to find the time to read.) I never thought I would run into the day where I didn't have time to read. It is a strange feeling. (Not that I am complaining any. I never complain about having to read.)

 There really is no purpose to all of this. I am just trying not to go AWOL again. But I have to leave without any grand news or words of wisdom. I didn't get my chapter edited today and I refuse to fall behind again, so I need to go and do it now.

 I will leave you, but come back tomorrow! I am taking part in fun book related things.

 Quote is from Agents of SHIELD. (Anyone else near the end of the season? Having the same pains I have been over a certain someone?)




  1. Huzzah for getting things done! You deserve a medal.
    Don't get too overworked... It's okay to say no to reading/reviewing.
    And please please please don't stick yourself with a knife. Then you wouldn't be able to do much of anything (at least with your hands).

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  3. For some reason your blog commenting sometimes hates me and won't let me comment. :( Which is why I often miss your posts. IT'S FRUSTRATING. STAHP BLOGGER. (Or it could be my computer?! lol. XD) Sooo.. Spoon = excellent idea. I still haven't seen The Winter Soldier. *sobs* I feel like all this Bucky-ness is going wild at the moment and I have no idea what anyone is saying. But I support the spoon. Also: say no to reviewing! I know it's hard. I'm not even publishing books and I find it difficult to balance reading vs. writing. But seriously: say no. Being overwhelmed SUCKS.

  4. I can relate to being too busy to read sometimes.
    Once you get proficient with the spoon, try a spork next.

  5. You definitely should start with a spoon...

    Can't wait for the cover reveal party!!! Woot!

    I can completely relate to the feeling overwhelmed thing. I have one book left on my nightstand and then I'm DONE until I can get some editing accomplished... because Yorien's Hand is sitting there staring at me with its gargoyle-y eyes and I think it's about to start crying. And there's nothing more pathetic than a crying gargoyle.

    I have no idea why it has gargoyle eyes. It just does.

  6. Bucky Knife Flip. I didn't know I wanted to learn this until now. And yes, starting with a spoon is a brilliant idea. Much safer than even a table knife. :D


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