Friday, May 16, 2014

"YAY! I'm a lama again! Oh...wait.

 Wherein Jack went AWOL

 I was going to let everyone know I wouldn't be around most of this week, but things happened and I didn't. (In case it wasn't obvious I just vanished.) Peter was very ashamed of me and hasn't been speaking to me much because of it.

 First off all, tea got spilled on my computer. I did a mad dash to save it but failed. It was very tragic. I could have cried. (I've had computer disasters hit me before, and since I do so much work on them I have taken to setting aside money in case a natural disaster hits like with the tea. I was able to buy a new one.) This one has Windows 8 on it, and it is convinced it is smarter than me. (It is, but that is besides the point.) We've been having issues since I bought it, with it mocking me and doing things and leaving me scratching my head in bewilderment. I am giving it to my brother later today so he can make it behave. He is good at that.

 The other reason I vanished is I have been sick for almost two weeks. I've not been able to eat much and have had no energy to do anything. Except sleep. (Because...I had something witty for that but I haven't got enough sleep for that kind of wit yet.) Anyways, I am mostly over it. I've been able to eat one real-ish meal a day and feel a little more human than I have for awhile. (Not that I ever really feel human. More Alien, but you get the idea.)

 And the third and final reason is I just wanted to take a break and spend a day off of work doing nothing but reading. I accomplished it. It was fun. (And since I have a pile of books I was asked to read and review I was able to say spending a whole day reading was for work. And no one could argue with me. I love this part of being an Author.)

 My mum got me a sonic screw driver. I love that I made her so much a geek that she knew what a sonic screw driver is and knew I'd like one. She was rather pleased with herself for finding one, but now I think she is rethinking the whole thing.
 It is a lot of fun. It has this bright blue light I can turn on and flash at things. And I've been putting it to good use. Such as randomly sonicing my family in the eyes.
 I took it to work today and had to refrain myself from using it when the freezer broke. It was SOOO tempting. I think I deserve a metal for behaving myself.

 This is probably a sorry excuse for a post, but I have to go and read and edit. I'll do better next time.

 Quote is from the Emperor's New Groove




  1. hi i'm a new reader of your blog, and ive never commented before but this time i have because you have a spelling mistake on the second time you wrote driver and its really super irritating - sorry!

    anyway, your quote title? it's only from the BEST FILM EVER!!


  2. Poor Jack! I'm glad you were able to get a new computer but it's the tragedy of all tragedies when one breaks. I'm having computer trouble myself and feel kind of lost. Right now I'm using my sister's, which has Windows 8 and...yeah. It's not my favorite thing. *cough*

    I'm so sorry you've been sick. :( That sounds awful. I hope you recover fully very, very soon!

    Sonic screwdriver!! :D I want one SO badly. I must acquire one someday. Wow, you totally get points from refraining to use it on the broken freezer. I'm not sure I would have had that kind of restraint.

    Love the quote you used, by the way. The Emperor's New Groove happens to be one of my most favoritest movies. It's a little bit embarrassing how many times I've seen it, and yet I still laugh hysterically each time. It just never gets old.

  3. Well, that was quite the turn of events! Glad you got the sonic though! and got time to read! :D love ya, girl! <3

  4. Oh man! This is not your best week ever. I'm glad you got a new computer. Boo to Windows 8, though. It's so tricky to figure out. I hope you didn't lost any files!
    And I really do hope you feel better soon! It's so awful to be sick, especially as sick as it sounds you were. Get 100% better soon!
    Ooo a sonic screwdriver. I'm jealous. :P


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