Tuesday, June 03, 2014

"I'll catch the thief or die in the attempt." "Can't you do both?"

 Wherein a defense is made.

 Jack is busy writing. And crying. It is kind of funny, watching her curled up in her chair, crying her eyes out over scenes she is writing. I have spent a lot of time laughing-

 HOLD IT!!!!! You can't say that!!!! It defeats the purpose of us being here!

 Oh yes, right. Sorry, I got a little - carried away.

 Let me handle this, I can fix it.
 Hello! My name is Golon. I am one of the Dwarf brothers in Jack's Loyalty series. She probably hasn't mentioned me yet, poor thing, so much to do and so little time.

 Oh, yóu're good!

 I know, shut up and let me finish.
 Jack has been very busy today with her writing and reading, so I and Captain Shamus Steed, have decided to help her out with her.....blogging.

 Stupid word

 I said shut up! 
 *Ahem* Anyways......like I said, Jack probably hasn't talked about me much, and if she has she has probably referred to me as one of the "rebellious" characters who likes to change the plot on her.

 Which is something we want to clear up. You see, Jack is so sleep deprived and over worked, the poor girl is easily confused. 

 Easily. We don't hold this against her. She is trying her best, poor thing. You should see her some nights, working when her eyes won't stay opened....

 Are we over doing it?"

 I said shut up! Just go with this!

 Right. Over worked. Unable to keep her eyes opened. Going with it.
 This has been hard on Jack. I don't think she realized what she was getting into until it was too late. Now, she is buried in work and unable to function like a normal human being.


 What was that about shutting up?!

 Sorry. Just, normal and Jack in the same sentence, that is funny.

 *Shakes head.* As we were saying, Jack has been suffering lack of sleep and major confusion. And she often mixes certain of us characters up with the villains.

 You've probably heard her. Talking about how misbehaving her characters are, changing the plot on her. Poking her while she is trying to sleep. Demanding we she write our books. Following her around and annoying her....

 But the truth is, our dear, worn out Jack is getting us confused. We, all of us hero characters - we do our best to help Jack. We love her. We always do what she says. It is the villains who make her life miserable and change the plot. But darling Jack, she keeps forgetting it is them.

 Darling might be over doing it.

 I'm French. I am known for using terms of endearment.

 I don't know what French is, but your mustache looks stupid. Is that part of being French? Why not grow a full beard?

 It would take away from my dashing good looks. But we are not talking about me. We are talking about exhausted Jack....

 Speaking of which, she is coming!!!!!!!!!!

 What?! RUN!!!!!

 Hit the publish button first!!!!!!!!!!!! HURRY!!!! She is coming in the door.....................................



  1. Why don't you grow a full beard Captain Steed? It might make you look more dashing. (Or are you one of those men whose beards come in all patchy, but the mustache come in perfectly?)
    Ooooo, if you grew your beard and your hair long, maybe I could bribe a certain sibling of yours to braid them together! Wouldn't that be COOL?!

  2. Hmmm, these two don't seem quite as trustworthy as they would have us believe.

  3. Question:

    When has Jack ever functioned as a *normal* human being? Just wondering, because for as long as I have been following this blog I don't think I have gotten even a whiff of anything close to normal.

  4. Think you need to put a password on your computer...

  5. I do believe you two would get along quite well with most of my characters... I'm not sure if that is a compliment though. Ahem.


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