Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"Lens cap."

 Wherein Jack is breathing, don't ask for much more right now

 It rained, cold rain. I am hiding in my hoodie, trying to warm up with tea. In June. I'd get my fuzzy blanket but I am trying not to be a wimp. I might just give up and hide under it anyways. I could do with a blanket right now.

 My fingers are even cold. In June. 

 Nearly the end of June.

 You see why I have a problem with this?

 I had summer plans. Adventures. And now all I am missing is summer. 

 Whoever stole it, give it back.

 I finished my 50,000 words today. 

 The book isn't done. But I have to finish it by the end of summer because my two NaNo buddies said we could have a book swamp, but only if we all finish our books. And I want to read theirs.

 I think this is called bribery, but who cares. We all fell for it, so I don't think it matters

 I am shivering still, in case anyone wanted to know.

 I might not be posting on Friday. I have things going on the next week and there will be little time for sleep so I plan to sleep as much as I can on Friday.

 It won't work, but it is the thought that counts.

 The 12th Doctor is going to be amazing, for anyone who doubts him.

 I was so clumsy at work today I think my boss was tempted to throw trays at me.

 I would have tried to catch them, Bucky style.

 I watched The Book Thief yesterday.

 Someone should have warned me about the ending. When I am your Evil Overlord, those who didn't warn me are in big trouble.

 This is a rabbit trail, but who cares.
 I think I got my 50,000 words before both of my NaNo buddies. I don't feel like rubbing it in because one of them is writing a hard book and having to work and the other is having all kinds of random things popping up and slowing her down.
 But if it wasn't for that, I would be feeling like this.

 I've been listening to a lot of the Andrews Sisters for my book, in case I didn't mention it before. Listen to them, they are fun.

 My tea isn't hot enough to warm me. Someone fix this.

 I am whining, but it is freezing in June, so I don't think I am going to apologize

 This is one of the reasons I am wary about giving hugs. I never know if they will end awkwardly.

 I like sending this picture to my friend. It makes her sad, and I am that kind of friend.

 I love saying I have friends.

 Even though one of them, all we tend to do is insult each other, but in a  good way.

 I don't know what to do with myself now that I don't have to read all day. It is strange. I've been sleeping a lot, but outside of that I feel lost and confused.

 Still not over The Book Thief

 I went hiking yesterday and was sore at work today but didn't let on. I have a friend there who has the same evil sense of humor as I do, and he tends to get this evil glint in his eye when he finds out I am stiff and sore and say things like, "Hey, want to go and fill the ice in the drink machine?" *Evil snicker*

 He is really sweet though. But that is why we get along, we have this hidden evil side.

 I use bribery to read snippets from my friends' books. "I'll send you one if you let me read one of yours." They seem to like my book, so much so that my bribery means works. I don't argue when it comes to snippets.

 I got the proof for A Test of Loyalty today and a hundred pages were missing and 50 were blank. I don't know what to do with this.

 I am drinking milk as well as tea. MILK!

 Everyone needs to watch Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow. Don't argue, just do it.

 If this isn't a random post I don't know what is.

 I am ending it so I can go and read a snippet.

 I might return to some form of sanity now that I am recovering the 15 books. 

 Don't hold your breath.

 Quote is from Sky Captain. You'd get it if you would watch the movie. It is a funny quote. Watch the movie so you can laugh with those of us who had seen it.

 Yes, I'm being bossy, but I'm an Evil Overlord. It is part of the contract




  1. Ugh, it's been cold here too. Let's take a trip somewhere warm. How does Egypt sound? We can go look at the pyramids and walk the streets of Cairo.

    If I ever need to bribe you, I will remember that using book snippets has worked before. :D

    I hope you can figure out what went wrong with the proof for A Test of Loyalty.

  2. Oooo uuggh, your weather sounds absolutely atrocious!! At least you could pretend your in Antarctica or something.
    Ditto to what Miss Melody says about the proof for A Test of Loyalty. If you figure out what went wrong, you'll have to tell us; I'd be curious to know. That's so strange! Good luck!

  3. Congratulations on hitting 50,000 words!
    You wouldn't be freezing here. We hitting high 90's all week.

  4. The Book Thief? I just finished reading it the other day, and it was a good story. Anything that has to do with children sneaking around in Nazi Germany and taking books out of other people's houses is interesting. I agree about the ending though.

    I hope you can warm up. If you come to where I am you will get plenty of insanely hot and humid weather. I'd love to trade with you.

  5. I won't offer to trade -- we've had rain almost three days straight and everything is gray, cold, and ugly. Of course, it helps that my work desk faces a lake so the view's not totally bad, but even a stormy lake is small compensation for a bummer summer. "And now all I am missing is summer. Whoever stole it, give it back." <-- Bahaha!! So true!!

    Sufferin' cats! I hope you can get the proof and technicalities fixed! Ugh, that's such a shame! That's horrible because A Test of Loyalty is such a wonderful book!!

  6. Cold? In June?!! Hm, that is weird. It's not cold here, but it isn't as hot as it usually is either.
    Congrats on the 50,000 words! Hurray! Love the gif, by of way. :)
    Bribery and snippets and such always works. ;) It's a good kind of bribery. . . I think.
    I haven't seen The Book Thief. But I have read the book. WW stories always have their weeping moments, at the end. :(

  7. Hmmm, I haven't seen the Book Thief yet... but trustworthy sources say it's good.

    I will trade you weather in a heartbeat. Summer really only just rolled in about a week ago, and I'm ready for it to roll on back out. 97 for three days straight... no clouds, no breeze, and humid. Ugh ugh ugh. Can it be winter again soon? I melt in hot weather... and I was enjoying the fact that we had an oddly long winter and a very nice cool/coldish spring (usually summer hits here about mid-March, so I shouldn't be complaining that it's only just now showing up... but I can't help it, I don't like 90 degree weather. I just don't.

    Okay... I'm done.

    Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is a fantastic movie. I kinda like that it's so unknown, as that makes it feel more like the hidden gem it is!

    I hope you figure out what is going on with the proof copy. I know the feeling, and it's incredibly frustrating.

  8. *Glares at the raging thunderstorm outside her window* Ditto about the weather. I think the sky is broken.

    YAY 50,00 WORDS! Have some congratulatory pie and (hot) tea.


  9. "you're bossy! And short. *giggle*"

    GIRL YOU ARE AWESOME! *bucky-high-five* Good for you, getting 50,000 words. You GO! You Hawk-walk! you deserve to.

    ..... should I watch this Book Theif or is it too horrible?

    of course Twelve with be amazing. I just miss Matt.

    cold weather is sad. I'm sorry I can't share my warm weather with you.

    Roses are red
    My name isn't Dave
    This is really random

    byyyyyye !!!!!!!!!

  10. I'll trade!! It's been super hot here in KY. I miss winter. Only 189 more days til Christmas!!

  11. I wish it was cooler here in June.

    That's weird about your proof. I hope it can be straightened out!

  12. I love everything about this post XD It's so beautifully random XD

  13. Oh, and yes, 12 will most likely be awesome...

    But David Tennant is and forevermore shall be, my favorite.

  14. Ugh, yes, the weather is horrible here too. And our beautiful May gave me such high hopes for the summer. I would definitely get out my fuzzy blanket. ;)

    Wow, Sky Captain, I haven't watched that, well probably since it came out . . . ten years ago. o_O And we even have the DVD.

    Congrats on getting your 50,000 words!

  15. your fingers are cold. My toes are cold. Lalalala. What a lovely winter we are having this summer.

    YAY 50,000K!

    I don't doubt that Twelve is gonna rock the park. I'm excited. I just miss Matt Smith

    You missed those trays, because you're more like Sebastian Stan than Bucky. LOL.

    #Hawkwalk. *Dies*

    I'm the insulting friend. I love being insulting and not having you offended.

    Lens Cap. *snort* I can never tell if she had it on the whole freaking movie or not. lol. I love that movie.




  16. Hi!

    Cold in June is not right. At all!

    I nominated you for a Liebster!

    ~Robyn Hoode


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