Wednesday, June 04, 2014

"What does it look like?" "Like Christmas but with more me."

 Books need a rating system, so you know what you are getting into when you pick one up.

 "Rated T because you are liking to throw it across the room."

 "Rated AGGGGGG!!!! because it is going to make you scream."

 "Rated S for intense sobbing."

 "Rated O because it makes you make this expression

 I've been reading a lot of O books over the past few weeks. Just, happily enjoying a good story and all of the sudden something happens I wasn't expecting and I am left going....

Sorry, it is just such a fitting expression and it cracks me up, and I kind of need something to giggle about because my new book makes me cry.

 Today I was so agitated over a book and its unexpected twists I had to go and lay out on the picnic table for a while to try and recover. 

 Maybe that should be another rating. "D, because it will make you go around and slam doors."

 So, what about you? Have you read any books lately that fit into any of these ratings? Can you think of any ratings that need to be added?

 Oh, and before I go, check this out! LOOKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  1. Hi, Jack...

    I like your rating system! WOW, laying out on the picnic table. That must of been a shocker for you....

    Actually last week I picked up a book at the B and N. One of my FAV fantasy authors... Well, I started reading and by the fifth page, I put it down. Talk about disappointing. More adverbs and passive voice than you could shake a stick at. I was shocked.

    What happens to amazing writers when they have written over thirty books? I'd actually like to return this one and get my money back.

  2. I just finished Great Expectations which left me with the O expression.
    You should have a TS rating for Totally Satisfied.
    I like your ratings!
    And so exciting about the trailer!!!

  3. Most of those I put down before I get to that point. Except the O one.

  4. Haven't really had any of those for a while. Well, Shadow Hand was definitely an S book. But mostly they've just been fun romps with nothing truly unexpected, heart-wrenching, or shocking...

    Nice book trailer!!!

  5. I think the "o" rating describes a book I read recently: Airborn. Oh my, all the steampunk-y airship goodness! It was beautiful!

  6. THIS. THIS, THIS, THIS. I TOTALLY AGREE. Books should absolutely have a rating system! This is just too funny! XD

    There should also be an N rating for "NOPE". And I for "I can't even..."

    You have my permission to use that Sebastian Stan GIF alllll you want. It brings a smile every time. I just can't with him. <3

    Also... BOOK TRAILER!!! :D I LOVE IT SO MUCH, JACK. IT'S EPIC!!!! The music is AMAZING and all the pictures were gorgeous. LOVED IIIT!

  7. Ooooh. I hope that wasn't my book. I hope not. I hope not. Oh no.

  8. Those ratings were just perfect. And I'm SO glad someone else likes lying on picnic tables in order to relieve book-induced stress! Though, due to a serious lack of picnic tables at my house, I use floors more frequently.


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