Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Yay! I'm a lama again!"

 This week has been insane for me, as I knew it would be. It has been the fun kind of insane and I ache all over, but I am kind of glad I am almost done with this week. I love hard work and what I've been doing, but right now I have so much piling up it will be nice to crash and sleep and get back to work on pressing writing projects.

 Speaking of which, I emailed Lulu about the problem with A Test of Loyalty but have had no response yet. Hopefully they can help me resolve the issue soon and over email alone, because if not I am concerned I might have to push publication back another month.

 I will probably not be posting normally again until next week. I have too much going on until then. And I still need to write. I am almost done with my Historical Fiction book and I'd like to have it done this week so I can get back to work on everything else. (It is a very distracting book)

 But, since I am only half here right now, I thought it would be fun to take part in Beautiful People. (There should be a link and a picture for this, but I don't know where they are and I am too sleepy to go and look. You're getting a post, don't push your luck right now.)

 I will be doing Japhet for this, he is the Jew in my Brother-in-Arms story

 1. What is their full name and is there a story behind why they got it?
 His full name is Japhet Michael Buchanan.
 His parents probably have a long story behind his name, but I don't know it. So I will give you the story behind why I named him what I did.
 Japhet is  Jewish name, and it looks cool. Micheal, because I have always liked that name, and it is a name used in the Bible and therefore the type of a name Jewish parents might give to their child. (Bear with me, like I said, I am worn out.) Buchanan is a Jewish last name, I looked. And....well, if you get the other meaning behind it you get a cookie.

 2. How old are they and when were they born?
 Japhet is seven in the beginning of the book and 20 in the end. I know his birthday is in January, I just haven't got the date yet. I will have it soon though.

 3. Describe their physical appearance. (Extra. What is their nationality? Do you have a picture of them? If so, include it.)
 He is tall and skinny with dark hair and a narrow face. He is German - of course, the Nazis don't like to think of him as being German and insist he is something else since he is a Jew, but he is German. Trust me. And yes, I do have someone I think he looks like.

 4. Describe your character's personality first in one word and then elaborate with a few sentences.
 He loses so much throughout the story and suffers so much. He begins to think nothing is every going to get better and pulls back from everyone around him because he thinks it is the only way to survive. (But at the same time, he almost doesn't want to survive because of how bad everything has gotten. He is reckless and does stupid things which nearly get him killed.) But he is also caring and worries about those who he knows need him. He'd never leave someone if he knows they depend on him.

 5. What theme song(s) fit their personality and story arc?
 Rescue Me by Kerrie Roberts fits him - but it more fits Franz in a way. Pompeii by Bastille really fits him. I sometimes think it might be both their theme song, but it is a little bit more his. I haven't really found his song. I found Franz's right off, but his has been harder. Maybe the Say Something I'm Giving Up On You song.

 6. Which one of the seven deadly sins describes your character?
 Um....this one has me stumped. (And I kind of have, a rant, about the seven deadly sin thing.) So....I don't know really, what would fit this one.

 7. If they were an element (fire, water, earth, air) which one would they be?
 Oh, Avatar stuff! Earth. Solid and mysterious, uncertain and strong but also easy to break.

 8 What is their favourite word?

 9 Who is one person they really miss?
 Franz Kappel, his best friend.

 10 What sights, sounds, and smells remind them of that person?
 Snow, spring time, trees, summer breezes, villages. Ice cream. Apartments. Bikes.

 Okay, that is it. I have to get back to work. So close!




  1. I enjoyed getting to know one of your characters a little bit! Your books sound wonderful. :)

  2. hmmm...Buchanan...gee, I wonder where that came from... ;)

    Don't be giving me Captain America feels now, thankyouverymuch

    The historical book sounds really good...but kind of like it's going to be a heartbreaker at the same time. Can't wait to hear more about it! (and your casting is great, too.)

  3. I love your title quote. It's from one of my favorite movies.

  4. I love the title quote, too. Such a funny, funny movie.

    Loved getting to know your characters.

  5. This isn't poison, this is extract of llama!!!
    Don't release until you feel it's perfect. Just give us heads up when you do so we can announce it.

  6. Sounds like a very well thought out character.

  7. Awesome! I like Japhet. :) He sounds deep. I love the whole story!

  8. JAPHET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I love him even more now - and I liked that line about earth. Strong and certain but easy to break. Easy. To Break. :( poor fellow.

    Say Something fits Japhet, especially considering the Franz thing. "And I am feeling so small... it was over my head. I know nothing at all."

    ACK!!!! *cries some more*

    hey is this a tag?? Can I do it too???

    I get a cookie. You named him after the person who makes Milk hurt.

  9. Yay Jack, you're back!!! How was your trip? Do you feel River Songish?

    I have heard much about this book from Bella. You are a superstar writer. I can't believe you're nearly done with it! Way to go!

    By the way, I haz tagged you. You like tags, right?


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