Saturday, July 19, 2014

"At this point I don't think anything would surprise me." "Ten bucks says you're wrong."

 Wherein Jack emerges from editing.

 *Waves aside smoke covering. Blinks and looks around. Feels lost and confused.*

 Who are you people and why are you staring at me?

 Okay, so anyways. I spent 12 hours yesterday editing and finished around nine last night. I slept in this morning, after going to bed earlier then usually last night, and am starting to feel a little more human then I have all week. A little. Not completely. Reading a nearly 600 page book in a week was probably the dumbest idea I've had to date.

 But now you know why I got behind on the challenge. I wanted to finish it this week so I could fall over and do nothing for most of next week. When I get back home I really need to sit down and figure some plots out.

 More on that when my head isn't aching.

 Today I am going to do the three days of the challenge I got behind on. 

 First is my least favourite paring.

 TV Show:
 Merlin and Morgana.
 No, I haven't finished the show yet. Yes, I know they aren't an actual paring. I know everything that happens in that show. I also know a lot of people pare them up in spite of her going completely insane and wanting to kill everyone and forgetting how to brush her hair.  So this is more my least favourite paring which as never actual a paring. Because, really, Merlin with an insane girl who sits and grins evilly every chance she gets? I don't think that would work out too well.

 Buttercup and Humperdink from The Princess Bride. (I know, but come on, I don't watch a lot of romantic movies. My paring options are kind of limited here.)
 I don't think they count either because everyone was paring her with Westley, unless it was Max and he just wanted a sandwich, but I think everyone else in the movie wanted her to end up with Westley. So it is obvious her time pared with Humperdink was a bad call all around.

 Peter and...I forget her name, the main girl though...from Peter's Angel.
 I think they belonged together, but I just didn't care for them. 

 Second challenge question is My Favourite Friendship

 I am taking a cue from my friend with this one. I have so many friendships I love I am going with the newest ones because trying to pick one out of all of them would be impossible.

 TV Show:
 Nick and Monroe from Grimm.
 I love these two. Ever since Monroe first tried to kill Nick and I knew they were going to have some kind of insane and fun friendship. They are one of the main reasons I watch the show. I've loved watching their friendship change from tolerance because Nick just really needed help learning how to be a Grimm to a willingness to die for each other. 

 Bucky and Steve. (Shocker, right?)
 I think this is the best movie friendship I've ever seen. It got even better in The Winter Soldier, because we got to see Steve and Bucky taken out of everything they had ever known and forced to go through changes they can never turn back from. And still, after all that, they somehow managed to save their friendship, even if it did take Bucky almost killing Steve for that to happen.

 Okay, this one is hard so I am doing three.
 The first is a little older and it is Jaron, Tobias, and Roden. Like the other friendships I listed, theirs is more complex and not the typical sort, but by the end of the series it is obvious they all three would be willing to do anything for each other.
 The newest one though is from my friend Bella's book - which I have the extreme honour of getting to help edit. I have two favourite pairs from her book.
 Tyson and Michael
 Peregrine and Dimitri.
 And I want to go on and on about how fantastic these fellas are but Bella has been trying to avoid spoilers so I don't think she'd like me spilling them all. But just take my word for it, they're amazing and if she ever publishes you will want to get this book.

 Third day - today's challenge - is Favourite Villain 

 TV Show:
 The Daleks. Because they are annoying, they look like salt and pepper shakers, they refuse to die, and they are still evil enough that every time they show up you can't help but feel sorry for the Doctor.

 Alexander Pierce from The Winter Soldier
 I could go into lots of details, but I think I will skip. Those of you who have seen the movie probably already know all the details I could go into. Those who don't....go and see the movie.

 James Moriarty.
 I really have no good reason why, but the first time I read about him, I knew he would always be my favourite. Someday I will have a good explanation as to why...someday.
 WAIT! I have a new one too. There is someone in Bella's book who makes me so mad I can't even say his name. I had to nick name him so I could talk about him. HE might not be my favourite villain, but he is my favourite to slam doors over.

 I am working out details of my Loyalty release party and will have them up for sure on Monday.

 For now, I am going to pretend the world has stopped and there is nothing for me to do the rest of the weekend. Except banish my headache.

 Quote is from The Avengers.




  1. Monroe is my favorite!!!!!

    And the Daleks are an excellent pick.

    My favorite villain of all time will always be Darth Vader.

  2. " favourite to slam doors over." THAT is a brilliant description of a kind of villain. You're epic. XD I can't imagine editing that many pages in a week. Phewf. You are super-human-writer right now! I edited about 80K in 2 weeks once and my brain absolutely fried. So I feel your pain! I DO.


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