Wednesday, July 09, 2014

"Have you arms?" "Aye! And right brawny ones!"

 I missed a day in the challenge. I meant to do it yesterday when I got back from the beach, but as you can see, that didn't happen. I will find a way to get caught up. I am creative like that.

 Day Four is to talk about a character I love but everyone else hates.

 TV Show:
 I will go with Arthur Pendragon from Merlin. I don't know if he is actually hated, but I know he is pretty low on the liking list by a lot of people I know. Mostly, I think, because he can be a bit of a brat sometimes - or a prat as Merlin likes to call him. I've heard claims that he isn't nice to Merlin in the way Merlin deserves, or...something like that. I don't feel like trying to quote word for word. It is too early for that. 
 I think a lot of his character is overlooked though. For one thing, Merlin is lying to him most of the time - and while Arthur might not bring it up or now he just accepts it as normal, I think it plays a big part in their friendship. I don't think it bothers Arthur, because Merlin hasn't told him the truth since they met so it is pretty normal now, but I think it does make it where he is more of a brat toward him than anyone else. Also, by the time you get to season four, which is where I am, it is no longer him disliking Merlin. He is very fond of him at this point - as seen when he drinks the poison so Merlin won't - but now them picking on each other, insulting each other, and all of that is part of their friendship. They do it more for fun because that is just what they do. (I can speak from experience because I have a friend like that and all we do pretty much is insult each other, but we both know we aren't being serious.)
 Also, Arthur - while he has questions about what kind of ruler he is going to be, and who can blame him for that with his father telling him one thing and his conscious another - does care about Camelot and the people and often does, usually stupid, things to keep them safe. He might deny it, but he'd willingly give his life if it meant keeping someone else safe.

 Luke Skywalker. I know for a fact Luke isn't at all well liked. For years, ever since I first watched the movies, I've come across people who hate him. Which I personally don't understand because I have always loved him. He is a classic hero. A farm boy thrust into a war and coming out a hero, having saved everyone. He had his doubts and moments were it seemed like he might not make it to the end, but he never faltered and kept going even when he had good reasons to give up and quit. 

 I could do Roden from The False Prince but he was only hated at the end of that book and in The Runaway King and everyone loved him in the end. And I only loved him when everyone else I knew was hating him because I had read the last book before them, so I can't do him.
 The only one I can think of is Henri Baillot from Prisoners of the Sea. (Yes, I stole his last name for my pen name, that is how much I love him.) I don't know if I can do him because he really lived...but a lot of the books I have read no one else I know has and if they have they have the good sense to love all the brilliant characters I love. So I think I have to go with Baillot.
 Anyone who has not read this book...I would say should but I used to recommend it to EVERYONE and in the end they all ended up hating Baillot so I gave up and hid him 8-D. I'm not even sure how they can hate him, except for something in the end which made them scoff the whole book in general.
 Anyways, that said, I fell in love with Baillot the first page I met him on. He was kind of broody, said the wrong thing at the wrong time, and acted without thinking a lot of the time. But he was brave and so loyal he was willing to work with pirates to get back and save his friends. He did worry a lot though, almost drove himself insane worrying, but I think any man in his place would be at the risk for that. 
 I plan to review this book, maybe once July is over and things are back to normal.

 And that is the end of today. I might be back tonight with another post so I can get caught up.

 For now I leave you with a quote from Prisoners of the Sea. It is a scene with Baillot and his sailor friend Winters when they are going to investigate a noise and Baillot is arming himself with a sword and a pistol, if I remember correctly.




  1. I've never been a fan of Luke S. myself, but I like him more than I like Princess L. from the same movies. She's just plain annoying. Sometimes it is fun to like things that no one else likes, although that can lead to interesting conversations, and I always like interesting conversations.

  2. Arthur! I love Arthur. I think he's a great character and his flaws only make him more real. And I love his friendship with Merlin. Like you said, Arthur may insult him all the time, but he clearly cares a great deal about him.

  3. ARTHURFAAAAAAACE!!!! I will love him with you. The hate he gets is not fair. I don't understand how people can like Dean and not like him.... they're like the same person

    I actually liked Luke too. Not as much as Han, but lots. Lol

    Hmm mm I'm gonna have to look up that book.


  4. I love Arthur and Luke as well. Never could figure out why people don't like Luke (still have no idea). I'll grant you that Han Solo is awesome, but I do not understand this mentality that I have to choose one. "Can't you understand I love you BOTH?" (Return to Snowy River)



    Arthur is my baby. *pets him* Sure, he's a prat, but he also has a heart for his people. He's HUMAN, and that's what I love about him. Underneath all the pratishness, he's a really great guy. I personally believe he acts all high and mighty because he's actually self-conscious due to how his father treats him. So he has to pretend to have everything under control, just to live up to his father. And yet, even though he knows it will hurt they're relationship, he will still go against Uther if it means doing the right thing. How can you NOT like someone like that? Arthur is wonderful and that's that.

    (Merlin is my favorite show and any mention of it puts me in uber major fangirl mood with much screaming and squealing, fyi. Ahem, sorry.)

    And Luke isn't widely liked either? Why not? Luke is great! Pft. People. >.>

    I've never read Prisoners of the Sea. I'll have to check it out.

  6. I think people just don't like the innocent farm boy type character. In Star Trek The Next Generation, Wesley is the Luke Skywalker. He's a really, really decent guy, but everyone hates him for it.


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