Saturday, July 12, 2014

"Hey, pick on someone your own size!"

 Wherein Jack doesn't want to function.

 I am doing a major edit on a brilliant book. It is one of my top favourites now. I love it. The characters are amazing, which is the reason I don't want to function today. Bad things happen to the characters, really bad things, and I found out what is going to happen to them later on. It is painful and I feel like I am in mourning over them.

 If the book is ever published you will be sure and hear about it from me because I am going to be recommending it left and right.

 Also, before I forget, I have come to the realization there is no way I can get A Test of Loyalty out on the 14th. Everything is ready to go, everything. But my new computer has Windows 8 and for some reason Lulu doesn't like the PDF files that come off of it. I've checked and everything says it is a real PDF except Lulu. When I realized it didn't like them I tried other files, but none of those upload right and half the book ends up missing.
 Right now I've reached my limit and don't know what to do but wait till I get back home and borrow a Windows 7 computer which I can do the moment I am back. So this is an apology to everyone who has been waiting for this book. I am really sorry, but my limited computer knowledge has again become a hindrance.
 I will be arriving back home on the 23rd and can likely get everything done on the 24th, which would make publication date only ten days late. I shall have some big announcement on the 24th to let all of you know when it is out.
 Once again, I am very sorry for this and hopefully no one was waiting on pins and needles and counting down the days for it.
 I will also be trying to set up a release party. Is anyone interested in joining in?

 That said I have to do the challenge today even though I don't want to function - which is why I missed a day. So don't expect anything deep and stirring because I've actually been crying a lot over these characters and it is hard to write through tears.

 Today is a character I want to be like. 

 TV Show:
 Merlin. From Merlin.
 Merlin is a very patient character who puts up with a lot. In the earlier seasons he had days were he was clearly overworked, running around doing things for both Arthur and Giaus. He wore himself out but kept going and only snapped once, then felt bad for it. Also he put up with Arthur during the time he thought there was no chance of them ever becoming more than mortal enemies. (Things seem to be a little easier on him now in the later seasons, because now he and Arthur know they are best friends even though their friendship is far from normal. But knowing someone will always come for you and have your back is comforting.) That said, Merlin also has no problem with his sacrifices and work going unnoticed. He saves people all the time and rarely ever gets thanked for it. And he knows how to be sarcastic and get away with it - so that is an added bonus.

 Margret from North and South. That way I can marry Thornton. Oh wait...I need a better reason than that, right? Fine. Tintin. Because he gets to go on adventures and crash through a town and fly a plane. That is a better reason, right?

 Jaron. Someone who is always thinking of other people more than myself, insanely brave, and witty. And being friends with Tobias and Roden would be a plus. And Mott. I'd love a friend like Mott.

 Okay, there, that is all I have right now. I am trying to get three books edited. Again, sorry about moving back the publication date again. Hopefully everything will go smoother once I am back home.

Quote is from Captain America




  1. I'm sorry the release will be delayed. Wait until you can do it right though.

  2. :( Computer troubles are the worst. Hope you can get it sorted out soon!

  3. Oh man, that's awful! Another reason to dislike Windows 8... My computer is going to be five years old soon and I rue the day that I will have to get a new one with *shudders* Windows 8.

    Being Tintin would be AMAZING. I just finished reading Flight 714 and even though I've read it about a hundred times, I still notice new things every time.

    (P.S. Yes, I did cut my hair! No more longness!)

  4. Love your quote ;)

    I would love to be a part of the release party! And Merlin is one of the best characters created. Ever. Also, I think your motives for wanting to be Margaret are completely rational, and I really don't think you need a better reason...

  5. Abbey - the way to avoid ever having to deal with Windows 8 is to switch to Mac! :) :)


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