Monday, July 07, 2014

"I love the beach!" "You said you wanted a holiday!"

 Wherein the Evil Overlord has been given an order

 Yes, you heard that right. I was given a direct order. It is a little shocking and I am not sure how to take it. But it came from my companion - I'm still working out rating. I have a General, a Second-in-Command but there was one position open, I just didn't know the title for it so we settled on Companion because it sounds Doctor Who ish.
 Anyways, since finishing Brothers-in-Arms in less time than I was planning on, I have been ordered to rest for a while. I am therefore attempting it, since I have finished the biggest edits of A Test of Loyalty and am now just getting everything set to publish and trying to think up a fun release party idea. My lack of creativity is always more evident during these times.

 To kind of ensure I relax, my Companion had me join in a blogging challenge. I know, that doesn't sound relaxing, having to post every day, but it is one of those things were you just have to answer a question, which means I don't have to rack my brain to think up something out of thin air.

 Because I've had the snippets up all weekend, I started the first two days on the blog I am sharing with said Companion. (We set it up because I wanted to use Till The End Of The Line as a blog title. That and we thought it would be fun to share a blog. Because we are like that. But you can read the first two HERE!!!!!! as well as two posts that were done before hand.)

 That is all to say, I am now moving the challenge over here. And I am doing today's early because last I heard, I get to go to the beach today. Which I am REALLY hoping works out because, "I love the beach!" "You said you wanted a holiday!"

 Okay, get this done so I can be ready in case we do go.

 Day Three is A character everyone loves but I don't.

 TV show:
 I have to go with Cas. I don't want to go into details because it tends to lead to arguments, and everyone of my friends who does love him and knows I don't...well, we just don't talk about it. It happens to everyone I think. You find out you disagree on something with your closest friend and you have to just accept it and move on and never bring it up when you are together.

 Loki. Ooooo, I can feel the glares. 
 I don't DISLIKE Loki, I just don't LOVE him. I like certain things about him. That he is a broken character and he has a lot of complexities and he is fun to study. I like that there is always a hint of a chance he will turn good, and that in spite of everything that has happened he still thinks of Thor as his brother, way deep down. (Thor 2, hm? Right? Keeps calling him brother all the time? See, point made.)
 But, I still can't love him. I've heard he has an excuse for the things he has done, because of what Odin did to him. But there is never a good excuse to go to another planet and start a war and get people killed. And maybe Odin wasn't the world's greatest dad, but he loved Loki as his own son and he kept his past hidden from him - not to use him as Loki thought - but because he didn't want Loki to feel like he didn't belong. Maybe when Odin first saved him his intentions weren't good, but he changed as Loki grew up.
 But this could go on for a while so I will just leave you with that brief summary.

 Not sure about this one. I don't really read a lot of the same books as a ton of other people. Maybe, though, Annabeth would fit, from the Percy Jackson series. She is getting more tolerable in this newer series but she still isn't a favourite of mine. Probably because I love Percy so much so I am picky about who the characters I love end up with. I know, great reasoning, right?

 Okay, that is all. I should go now and finish packing and getting ready.

 I had to reuse the quote because I really want to go to the beach.




  1. We all have characters that just annoy us even though everyone likes them.
    Glad you're done with edits and writing though.

  2. I don't love Loki either. I think he's a great character, but he is solidly in the "bad guy" category... perhaps even a bad guy I can love to hate... but I do not understand his "fan club." I don't believe he has any excuse for his actions.

    Yeah, I'm kinda with you on Annabeth as well... I don't hate her, but I don't love her to pieces.

    Fun blog challenge! :)

  3. CAS. MUST. DIE. that is all I have to say on the matter.

    No I know what you mean. I love Loki but he's definitely a bad guy--- a sad bad guy-- but a bad guy nonetheless. I think people love him because of Hiddles.

    I feel like all I do is agree with you, but yeah. Annabeth defo isn't my favorite character in Percy Jackson XD


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