Thursday, July 10, 2014

"I meant throw something."

 Just finished watching Sky Captain...again. That information is related to nothing but I thought I'd share it anyways.

 The challenge for today is a character I would fall for.I assume it means one I would fall in love with. Or maybe someone I would trip in front of and fall flat on my face. Or maybe it is one I would trip. That would be easy, because I have planned out - in great details - the one I would trip.

 TV Show:
 This is a tie I think between Rory from Doctor Who and Thornton from North and South.
 I liked Rory before he became a cool Roman armed with a sword. I liked him when he was the quiet nurse photographing patients with his phone, ones who were wandering the streets and shouldn't have been. He wasn't the typical dashing, sweep you off your feet hero, but he had a strong since of right and wrong and wasn't afraid to stand up to the Doctor when he felt like he needed to. I just have always liked him - and he fits into all three of my falling debate. I suppose I could fancy someone like him, and I would fall in front of someone like him - me I'd trip in front of anyone - and I would trip him. Just because I have days where I am bored and tripping random people helps.
 Mr. Thornton is kind of the opposite of Rory. He is colder, withdrawn, quiet, and the type who seems like he'd yell at you before befriending you. But like Rory, I have always liked him. Maybe he doesn't found though. I like the gloomier personalities in characters, but I think in real life I wouldn't be able to get along with someone like that. I need someone with a good sense of humor who won't get mad if I randomly shoot them with a Nerf gun or short sheet their bed but will get payback on me.

 I will probably have to do Steve from Captain America. I ended up liking him when he was the skinny kind from Brooklyn. I loved how he never backed down from a fight, said stupid things at the wrong moment, didn't have a problem speaking his mind even though it seemed to come out wrong, was lost in a lot of social interaction, and wasn't afraid to admit his faults. "I got beat up in that alley, and that parking lot...and behind that diner."
 I've only become more fond of him in the later movies. In the Avengers he was never ashamed of how lost he was when it came to the 21st century and even laughed at himself a few times. He is kind of laid back, easy going, has a strange sense of humor, but cares what happens to other people and would protect them no matter what happens to himself. And even when he is getting beat up or stabbed he can joke. (The only time he can't joke is when he is getting shot by his best friend, but you know...) Also he never gave up on Bucky even when he had every excuse to do so.

 This one is hard! I have a list. There is Peter from Narnia, Tintin, Aragorn, Jaron, Tobias, Roden from The False Prince, Halt, Howl, Peter from The House of Many Ways, Kiggs from Seraphina, Ross and Travis from Never, Bartholomew from The Whatnot, Coal and Hail from Ember Flame, Jace from Resistance, Brant and Oreyan - I spelled his name wrong, sorry - from The Minstrel's Songs, and my list keeps growing. But if I had to pick one....even though it is a shifty list and you might get a different answer every time you ask, I will say Ransom from Annabeth's War.
 Ransom is mysterious and distant but concerned about those who need him. In other words, just read the book. He alone is worth it - though there are other reasons to read it. 

 Quote is from Sky Captain, when they are trying to get across an electrical walkway and Dex pulls the plug. Polly and Joe decide to test it out by stepping on it, and are then informed by Dex he was going to test it by throwing something on it.




  1. Hehe! I like your take on characters you would fall for (or trip). I sometimes think I could find at least one character to fall for in everything I read and watch.

  2. Hmmmm. I will fall flat on my face (and have, many times) in front of just about anyone. Sometimes it's hard to be clumsy.

    Steve R. is one of my favorite characters as well. Even though I'm not extremely into the Avengers, I liked how he stood up for right even when he didn't have much chance of winning.

  3. Oh wow, what an impossible question. The only one I can think of an answer for in the TV show one. Daniel Jackson from StarGate SG-1. You'd probably like him too since he's an Archaeologist in space (sort of).
    Haha, when I first read that question I thought it meant "fall" too. In which case... I still wouldn't be able to answer because I'm ALWAYS tripping, but I never fall.

  4. Hmmm, very difficult. I like your picks. I don't spend much time falling over, but if I did, it would probably be in front of Batman (from Batman Begins), because I'd be trying too hard to impress him or something.

    Ahhhh, Abbey, I'm gonna have to fight you for Daniel Jackson, definitely. ;) I love StarGate.

    Or Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly...

    If I was going to trip a character I would probably trip Arthur from Merlin, just because he could use a good stumble every now and then (not that Merlin doesn't do a good job keeping him humble... but it would be entertaining)

    Movie: Westley from the Princess Bride or Navarre from Ladyhawke - or Luke Skywalker, or Han Solo, or... yeah, the list is pretty long.

    Book... that's a tough one. I don't know... maybe Mendanbar from the Enchanted Forest Chronicles, I think we'd get along pretty well.

  5. Kiggs from Seraphina. :) Yay!
    But I did see Tobias on your list. So does that mean you've read Divergent? Or is this another Tobias? Because if you've read Divergent, you have to tell me what you thought of it! :) Please.

  6. Oh, I love Mr. Thornton too. :) Though, since he's first a book character, maybe he fits in both categories. I first fell in love with him from the BBC mini series, but reading the book made me like him even more.

    These posts have been fun to read, and sparked some interesting conversations between Becca and I about characters we like/dislike.

  7. I really enjoyed Sky Captain and was surprised it didn't do better at the box office. Of course, I'm a big sucker for all things "Pulp".

    I've always had a thing for Martha Jones (speaking of Dr. Who)...


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