Monday, July 28, 2014

"If you haven't got a brain how can you talk?" "Plenty of people without brains talk."

 Wherein Jack is eating cranberries and contemplating life.

 That's a bit deep for a Monday. But I am finally awake enough that I feel I can attempt to explain what has been going on.

 Leaving the West for a month and throwing myself into the South and trying to adjust to how completely different it is gave me a chance to step back and see everything in a new light - mostly my writing and my life in general. It gave me some time to think...kind of. When I wasn't running around working and carrying things and trying not to get eaten alive by fire ants. (Southerns, you have my life long admiration for putting up with those fellas.)

 I've been giving a lot of serious thought to my writing over the month. (No. I am not giving up on it. I've told a few people I have spent a lot of time thinking about it and that is the first thing they ask me. It is kind of hard to stop doing something with certain someone's kidnap me and hold me at sword point until I have their stories done.)
 Up to this point I have been very pleased with how my books have been doing. I haven't sold enough to move to Scotland, but I have been doing okay with them. I have readers, that in itself is a point I never thought I would reach. I even reached the point where I've been getting - what I have been told is termed fan art. I even was sent a headcannon. I am not really sure what a headcannon is, but I've seen them done on other books so I was rather pleased. (Fan art and headcannons, I am going places!) I have even been sent messages in the fan girl language. (Again, I've just been told this, I don't really know if that is the proper name for it.)

 I now have my fourth book published, but I hit a brick wall with the other two in both series. The Loyalty Trilogy is my biggest problem right now as I have very little idea of what the plot is now, since it was so drastically changed on me because a certain hermit and Elf were bored and had nothing better to do with their time. I honestly have no idea why the third Haphazard plot isn't working. I've been staring at it all month trying to find the problem.

 My biggest thing right now is trying to figure out where I want to go from here. My marketing ideas got me this far but I need to keep going, and I've kind of hit a brick wall as were to go next. Part of my brick wall is me having too much going on right now. I think I reached the point where I realized I have to step back and take some time to find out where I am going next - which is perfect because with two plots which need work I can take time to sit down and figure them out while I am planning.

 I think that explains where I am right now with my writing. I should probably say more, but I am still not fully awake and I have this big fat book calling my name which I've been wanting to read for a while now. Therefore, I am going to leave you with this.




  1. Good for you! I think stepping back and taking a big look at things is the exact right thing to do. Taking a step back can be refreshing and give you a bird's eye view of the big picture. Most likely, you'll come back with all your plot problems solved, and some new ones bouncing around the corners of your mind.

  2. I take a long step back in between books. For me, the timing has to be right to write them.
    Yeah, aren't fire ants a pain? Try hitting a nest with a lawn mower.

  3. Well, I'm incredibly glad to hear that you're not giving up writing (I can't quite imagine you doing that, though, so the people who have asked you that either are paranoid or don't know you very well... who am I to talk, of course, knowing you only through your blog?) LOL

    Taking a step back can be a good thing. I hope your step back is productive and helps you get a handle on those pesky projects that are causing so much trouble. :)

  4. Hope the thinking and planning goes well. :) And the plot unraveling. That is always a hard one.

    And I'm glad you had a good trip to the South. :) I live in TX, but there aren't really any fire ants here. Just bipolar weather. :P

  5. Wow, four books? Congrats on that!

    Yes, a fresh perspective is almost always helpful....whether you're writing or doing something else. Best of luck!


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