Thursday, July 24, 2014

"It seems to run on some form of electricity."

 Wherein Jack is back

 Ha, I rhymed.

 I made it back home last night. I had a seven and a half hour flight - because we are always happy to let people leave Wyoming but letting them back in, not so much. Even if they were born and raised here. It was an interesting flight home. I couldn't sleep because I was too excited so I got horrible air sickness because we took off and landed six times. Then when I thought I could sleep I was next to a lady who kept flipping her hair into my face. I came close to grabbing it a couple times and braiding it.
 I got home at one thirty last night and woke up at six. So I got about four and a half hours sleep, not a huge difference from my usual six, but if I get any less then six I have a tendency to stare off into space and laugh at everything .That is how I have been all morning. When I wasn't doing all the laundry because I had an insane amount of energy for a little while.

 I did want to explain my book release party.

 From the 31st of July to the 7th of August (and one on the 11th since he was unable to do it before that) I will be hosting interview for some of the Loyalty characters. The links to when each interview will be and who will be doing it is on my sidebar along with dates. Each interviewer can post the questions on their blogs and on the same day I will have them up on mine. (As you can see, not everyone has been claimed and there are still dates open. If anyone is interested in joining in, please email me or leave a comment.)
 I am hoping this turns out to be a lot of fun and gives everyone a chance to get to know all the characters better.

 That said, I now come to the next big announcement of the day before I curl up on MY BED (which I am very happy to have back) and attempt to sleep for an hour. 

 A Test of Loyalty, after all the trouble it has been given me, IS OUT TODAY!!!!!

 I am very excited, mostly because it was such a pain trying to get it published, so far the worst I've done, but now it is OUT!!!!
 You can buy it HERE in paperback form. I am hoping to have it on Kindle and Nook by this weekend but it might be the beginning of next week since I have a lot going on this weekend again.

 Quote is from The Avengers 




  1. Welcome back!!!!

    Hurray for Test's release!! Congratulations! This makes your fourth published book, right?

    Did you receive my email about the interview with Magda?

  2. Awesome!! Congratulations. A book release is a great thing to come home to.

  3. Welcome home and CONGRATS on Test of Loyalty's release!

  4. How did you survive? On Sunday, I flew from America back to England - a two and half hour flight followed by a seven and a half hour flight without a wink of sleep and my word! At home when I finally got into bed I was so tired that I was sobbing and certain that I was an alien invading Ness' body.

    And on that note ... welcome home and congrats from a (so far but not anymore) silent follower :)

  5. Hi, Jack!

    Congrats on the release! This is exciting news! All the best!

    Now, get some rest....

  6. Yes! Yes! The cover. I adore it. :)


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