Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"My grandmother has more life in her rest her soul."

 Wherein Jack is half way through

 I am actually more then half way through editing right now. Just in case there was anyone DYING to know that. I had a really slow day today and only just now got done. So I am not anywhere close to being fully awake at the moment. Don't ask for coherent thoughts from me right now, I don't have any I can spare.

 I meant to do something clever to go with the challenge today but I can barely keep my eyes opened and therefore I don't think I should try it. Don't worry though, a few more days and I will be back home and done with this massive editing project, so there will be something posted then. Don't ask me what that something will be, it will just be something.

 Today the challenge is my favourite paring. I assume this means romantic parings. Thankfully, I kind of have romantic thoughts bouncing around in my head right now, so this might be easy.

 TV Show:
 Parker and Hardison from Leverage. They are just really cute, and both accept each other's extreme weirdness and try and make the best of their abnormalness to make their relationship work. And Hardison encourages Parker not to stab people...

 Penelope and Johnny from Penelope.
 This is the one chick flick I can watch over and over. It is adorable.

 I can't pick, so I am just going to rattle off names.
 Serephina and Kiggs.
 Peregrine and Annemarie
 Tobias and the princess
 Ransom and Annabeth
 Brant and the girl he loves whos name I can't remember right now

 I can't think of more right now. There is someone I am missing, so sorry to that pairing.




  1. Parker and Hardison are absolutely adorable. My boyfriend and I have been watching a LOT of Leverage lately, because it's one of his favorite shows and he wants to be able to watch it with me, haha. I'm definitely ok with that--Leverage is an awesome show. :)

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