Wednesday, July 09, 2014

"Pardon me!"

 The Challenge, Part Two

 Today is to do a character I used to love but now hate.

 TV Show
 I was having trouble with this till my friend reminded me there is someone who fits.
 Grant Ward from Agents of SHIELD.
 I know some of you haven't seen this yet so I don't want to give away just take my word for it. I liked him...but now....

 Alexander Pierce from The Winter Soldier. I didn't really ever love him, but I trusted him to an extent. And he was kind to Rogers, then he went and betrayed my trust and everyone else in SHIELD and turned out to be Bucky's tormentor...and you can kind of see why this hindered my liking relationship with him.

 Konrad Richmann from His Watchful Eye. I loved him in the first book, While Mortal's Sleep. (I should say I loved him at the end of it, I was on the edge of my seat in the middle hoping he'd turn good.) By the end I loved him as much as the main character, Josef. When I found out Konrad was the main character in His Watchful Eye I had high hopes for the book and getting to spend more time with him. But he dropped. It's been years since I read the book, but he kind of returned to his old self and never got cool again, not even in the last book. I've still not got over it. 

 That is all. I am really tired tonight, have been all day. So I am not too creative at the moment.

 Quote is from a Once Upon the Time episode. I don't watch the show, but I watched the ones with Jefferson because...he is Bucky so I didn't need another reason. And he makes funny expressions.




  1. I didn't like Ward from the start. Guess I'm odd that way. I don't know what's going on in the show, as we only managed to keep up with the first 6-7 episodes before we fell behind (I cannot abide watching TV as it airs, and I didn't fall in love with the show the way I was hoping to... I'll probably watch it, but I'm willing to wait until it comes to Netflix).

    I dunno what it is about him. I think it's a combo of I don't like something about the way he looks... and I feel like they were trying too hard to make the character/actor something he wasn't. I felt like they were trying to make him this swoon-worthy good-looking character... but he's not that good-looking. And they were trying to make him this hardened team leader like a Gibbs or a Jack O'Neill... but he's far too young to fit that role. And Coulson is too young to have anyone much older playing in that role under his leadership... so... problems.

    I know, I know, he's supposed to be everyone's favorite. But so far, the only character I really like in the show (again, only made it 6ish episodes) is Coulson... and I already liked him from the movies.

  2. I feel SO uncultured because I didn't see The Winter Soldier when it was in cinemas and now I'll have to wait forever. The world is brimming with TWS references and I doooon't understand! *flails in sadness*

  3. Even if Ward is a double-double agent, it won't forgive everything he's done.


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