Sunday, July 20, 2014

"Public displays of affection make people uncomfortable." "Yes they do!"

 Last day of the challenge

 This is going to be my last post until Thursday. (Which is when I should have A Test of Loyalty published.) I  know I said I would have some details about the party thing up on Monday but I am too tired to even try and think of it right now. I've been getting massive headaches off and on all last week and they have gotten worse over the weekend. I am hoping if I just take a couple days off writing and trying to get my brain to function it might help. I will be back on Thursday, which is when I get back home, and will hopefully have gotten enough sleep between now and then that I can make sense of any posts I attempt.
 Right now everything has just shut down and I crashed this weekend.

 So, sorry to go AWOL again. I miss you all, and this isn't me trying to run away screaming from you. (Well, not too much. Some of you are pretty insane...) I'll be back to my normal, bazaar self when I get back home and then I will start up on reading all of your wonderful blogs again.

 Today is Favourite Hero, which is NOT going to be easy. At. All.

 TV Show:
 Okay, this one isn't AS hard.
 The Doctor. Because who can't help but love an Alien hero with two hearts, a sassy personality - most of the time - and a sonic screw driver?

 This is impossible. I have a long list. It goes from Peter in the Chronicles of Narnia to Klaus in A Series of Unfortunate Events to Steve in the Captain America movies. And everyone in between. I guess I will just say Joe from Sky Captain, because no one else is likely to pick him and I don't want him feeling unloved.

 Pick one? Really? That is impossible. I can give my top favourites though.
 Travis and Ross
 Mr. Jeilliby
 Nat and Seb
 The fellas in a book I am editing

 To name a few. All of these books have been reviewed - all but Narnia, Nat and Seb's, and the one with all the brilliant fellas - have been reviewed and you can find them on my recommended reading list to find out more about them.

 That is all. I'll see you all again on Thursday.




  1. Sorry to hear about the headaches. I hope they subside soon.

    Nice list of heroes.

    Love the quote in today's title. Such a funny part in an excellent movie.

  2. That's a long list of book heroes.
    See you on Thursday!

  3. I'm so sorry you're having such bad headaches! I suffer with chronic headaches, so I know how annoying they can be. It's just so hard to function and get things done when you have them.

    The Doctor is totally my favorite TV hero as well!!!! *high-fives* But goodness yes, this is a hard question. There are just too many amazing heroes out there!

    Oh! I also wanted to let you know I've passed on a writing process tag your way. You can check it out here: I know you're busy, so there are NO obligations to do it whatsoever! And if you want to there's no rush at all. It's all up to you!

    Hope your headaches get better and you have a good week!

  4. I hope you're feeling better! Wow, that would be hard to choose a favorite hero.

    By the way, Becca and I nominated you for a Liebster Award!
    We completely understand if you're too busy right now, we just needed to let you know.


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