Sunday, July 13, 2014

"Remember that time I made you ride the cyclone at Cony Island?" "Yeah, and I threw up?"

 Wherein Jack is editing 

 Editing a lot. So like always, I am not completely functional. But you are likely used to that now. I will just continue the challenge and pretend....I don't know. I can't pretend I am normal because I don't even know how to pretend.

 Not that it matters. Today is a character who drives me crazy

 TV Show:
 Guias, from Merlin. 
 I don't know what it is about him. I know he's the father figure to Merlin, but he is always just kind of annoyed me. I also find him a little creepy. I think it's his hair. And, because now I picture him as a Goblin, and face it - he played a Goblin a little TOO well. Makes you wonder...

 I really have no stellar reason for being annoyed by him. I just do. (Puppet Yoda, not CGI Yoda. See, Hardison? I'm on your side)

 The two main characters from a book I read called Peter's Angel. I haven't even wanted to review the book they annoyed me so much - and I didn't want to end up ranting in the review over them, so I opted not to write one.

 And that is all you get. Short and Sweet...or Short and Annoying. Whatever. Just be glad I showed up.




  1. Good job with your editing, Jack! Keep at it!

    Ugh, the characters that annoy me most are the lovey dovey couples from teen books... Right now the current couple is Gus and Hazel Grace from The Fault in Our Stars, whom I CANNOT stand, and I haven't even read the thing!

  2. I dislike Yoda too. Actually, I dislike most of the characters in Star Wars, but that's just me. Yoda is far down on my list of "tolerated" characters.

    Have fun editing. Normal is nice, but don't sweat about it. We like you just the way you are.

  3. Just focus on the editing!
    Poor Yoda...

  4. Hemmingway used to say "Write drunk, edit sober."

    Hope your (semi) sober :)

  5. Poor Yoda. "How come Yoda backwards speak, but no one drunk accuse?" (Pearls before swine)

    Hm, lots of characters annoy me.
    TV: Kate from NCIS, pretty much all the characters in Agent of SHIELD, many of the characters in Once Upon a Time (specifically Prince Charming/David, Aurora, Emma, Snow, Henry, and Neal... and the writers, for not bringing Pinocchio back as an adult, because he was one of the few I liked).

    Movies: hmmm, I'm sure there are some, I can't call any to mind currently, though.

    Books: Um... ALL the characters in Hunger Games, and ALL the characters in the Twilight series

    Happy editing!


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