Tuesday, July 01, 2014

"Ten days isolation, Hilts." "Captain Hilts." "Twenty days."

 Wherein Jack has complications

 I am not the kind of person who is easily annoyed. I've been told I am rather easy going, which I guess fits me well enough. However, when someone tells me that I always feel like I should warn them that I have a horrible temper. I keep it hidden well and I've learned not to blow up at everything, but it is still there and it gets the best of me sometimes. In fact, the Hulk fits my temper well. I am Bruce Banner most of the time, quiet, unassuming, easy going, but get me riled and watch out. And, like him, the "I am always angry," sums my temper up.
 That said, I am fairly laid back and am trying to learn to just go with things. Whenever a disaster hits I try and move along with it. (By disaster I mean things like my book files not working for who knows what reason, my cover photographer getting a life and not being at my beck and call, taking on too many ARC reading requests at once. Insane summer plans which are keeping me busier than I thought they would - so much for relaxing for most of July. I did not mean disasters such as a tornado ripping my house out of the good and hurling me into Oz. That one I might have a bit more trouble with.)
 Normally what really gets me is work, having to try and keep up conversations with strangers for four and a half hours. That just isn't my thing and it is exhausting. By the end of the shift I just need time alone. But writing suits me better. I can handle writing, though there are things which show up in it which throw me and push my temper to its limits sometimes.

 I have had one of these happen to me recently.

 As I have mentioned, I spent a few months back working on revising and editing A Test of Loyalty so it would be ready for publication. However, everything went against me with this book. There was a whole list of it from getting myself buried under too much reading - which I admit was not my fault for paying attention to how much I as agreeing to - to trying to get my photographer free long enough for the cover, the formatting not working like book one's layout, my computer taking a bath in tea and me having to get a Windows 8 and try and figure it out in the middle of editing, and then the plot changing on me. To list a few things. (This is not to mention the two German boys who kidnapped me during the month of June just to keep things interesting.)

 Every book I have published has come with its own list of complications which has made reaching the finish line a battle. I am not sure which book was the worse to get through, but so far this one feels like it - and maybe it is since I had to move the date back a month. But I have never had the trouble with plot changes before, and that is why I think it wins.

 This book and A Stretch of Loyalty were written during on of the NaNo dares my friends threw at me because they said it was unfair I could reach the 50,000 in a week. They challenged me to write 75,000 that year, and these books were the result. I had plans on publishing them, but I forgot how much work book two needed and decided it needed a complete re-write. What I hadn't planned on with this was HOW much of a re-write it needed. It wasn't until I neared the end though, that this real sank in. It was then I realized that the ending I had wasn't going to work and it needed a new on and all of my so called easy going nature took a leap off the tallest building in town.

 I had book three planned out, all ready to be written once this one was done. It was perfect. I had everything I needed for it, only to realize book three was no longer going to work. At all. Any part of it.

 Book three was going to take place two years after A Test of Loyalty, but now it has to take place only a week or so after it. Which meant everything I had planned was gone.

 Which meant I HAD no book three, at all.

 Which means I NEED to find a plot.

 Have I mentioned actual plot planning is not my strong point? 

 So right now I am in the middle of a...pickle. Because book two went and ended on something of a cliff hanger and I had plans when I first began publishing to never leave a cliff hanger unresolved for more than a year. But with no plot, no clue of what next, and nothing to even work on right now, I am starting to feel like turning green and smashing Harlem. 

 Just, you know, as a heads up in case you read anything about it in the news.

 I do have a backup plan, but I am not sure if it is a good one. Therefore, I am not revealing it yet. For now I am wracking my brain, hoping I can figure it out in the time it needs while working on Haphazard and getting it ready for my editors and artist and everyone else who needs it done as soon as possible.

 In other news, I am still reading and reviewing, but only on a smaller scale, and I will be willing to take requests again soon. Right now I have a few more to get caught up on and an editing job I am looking forward too. BUT I say all that to say I am close to finishing a fabulous book and I am going to force you all to read it when I am done because it is amazing. So yeah, sit on the edges of your seat and wonder what it is because I'm an Evil Overlord and I like to keep you in suspense.

 Now I need to go. I have some formatting issues to try and figure out. Issues like why half of A Test of Loyalty is missing every time I upload it. (That is one I am working on for all of you. Not sure how you will feel about getting only half a book.)

 If you don't know this quote go and watch The Great Escape right now!




  1. Oh, I love TGE, despite the sad ending.

    I'm sorry about all your terrible troubles. I would love to have you over for some Earl Grey Cream tea, which I just got. It's delicious and would probably cheer you right up.

  2. Ow, ow, OW. Story troubles like that are NO FUN WHATSOEVER.

    I hope it all works out for you!

  3. Oh, Jack, that sounds stressful! I hope you can figure everything out. If you need a listening ear, or someone to brainstorm with, send me an email. You can't change book two to fit with book three, instead of vice versa? I'm sure us readers wouldn't mind waiting an extra few months, or even a year, if it meant you weren't so stressed and were able to make this series the best it could be.
    I know about that hidden rage stuff... I've spent a good deal of my child/teenage hood bringing it under control. Ahahaha, we shall come out victorious!
    I'm curious about the book recommendation! And I loved The Great Race. (Be proud of me, I actually recognized the quote! That doesn't happen too often.)


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