Monday, July 14, 2014

"This isn't pay back, is it?" "Now why would I do that?"

 I finally got struck for an idea for my book release party! Took me long enough, right?
 I have a headache tonight, so I am going to keep this short. I will be sending out emails though with detail.
 What I am looking for is bloggers who would like to interview some of the characters from the Loyalty books. I might email some people to see if they are interested, but if anyone here would like to please email me! Or comment.

 At the bottom of this post I will leave a list of the characters so you can pick which one you would like to interview. 

 The party will run through the first week or two of July. I will put up a list of everyone who is taking part and what day I will be posting their interview. 

 Right now though, I plan to see if I can kill my headache. But first!

 Today for the character challenge I get to talk about a character no one else notices.

 TV Show:
 Mickey Smith from Doctor Who.
 He is more noticed at the end of the Rose era, but for the most part poor Mickey is stuck in the background, the blunt of jokes and forgotten. He was annoying in the first one, I won't deny that, but as time goes on he gets cooler and cooler.

 American Fitz from The Winter Soldier.

  Because he is cool, and he is American Fitz.

 Travis and Ross Hamilton from Never. 
 That is one book which is sorely underrated. It is an amazing story and they are two of the coolest brothers ever and they need more attention.

 Now, before I go, the list. Please let me know in the comment or emails which you would like to interview.

 Any of the three princes or all at once

 That is all. I have a scene I need to go untangle.




  1. Hey girl! :)

    I haven't commented for freakin' EVER! And I miss you, so....

    And that's all I've got for now. I'll e-mail soon though!


  2. I have a headache too. I hope yours goes away!
    I LOVE Mickey! Unfortunately, he is overlooked too often.
    I would love to interview the three princes. Send me an email with more details.

    P.S. Do you mean the first week or two in August, since it is already the second week in July?

  3. ME! I want to interview characters!! Are you looking for a full-fledged interview for one character, or are we allowed to give a few questions to a couple of them? Because I'm not sure I can choose just one. You've got my email, right? Just send me details.

  4. I think the only date I have open is August 11. No idea which character - Golon? And would you mind really off the wall questions?


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