Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"We are going to win this war because we have the best men...and they are only going to get better."

 Wherein Jack looks suspicious.

 I need to sit down and explain what is going on with my writing lately, because it has been taking all kinds of weird turns and I am not able to keep up - well, not most of the time. I attempt it, and all of my running and stumbling gives my characters something to laugh at.

 I have a week left till I am back home though, so I think I will just wait till then - when I am out of stick, wet air and can breathing and function properly again. I AM NOT USED TO THIS CONSTANT HUMIDITY! How do people survive down here? If any of you are Southerns you have my admiration.

 I have just reached the half way mark in reading through Brothers-in-Arms and making some plot adjustments so I can send it out to some editors. Right now I will probably just send it to one editor and then some others when she is done with it.
 If that made no sense then don't try and figure it out. I'm still not in the making sense state of mind right now.

 Brothers-in-Arms is taking much more of my time then I ever planned to give it, at least right now. I feel like those sayings...."I didn't sign up for this!"

 Enough of that though. Back to the challenge. There are six days left, counting today, then I will try and explain what has been going on with my writing. I should be done reading by then and maybe can make some kind of sense in a post.

 Today is the character who has the best arc.

 TV Show:
 Nick from Grimm.
 I guess he doesn't have a huge one, compared to other characters, but it is there. At the beginning of the show he is kind of quieter, sticks to the rules, and tries to keep his Grimm works separate from his police work. In later episodes, he is a little harder, sterner, and struggling to keep his two lives apart.

 I am going to do someone who has a backwards character arc, because I can.
 Bucky Barnes
 He starts out as cheerful, wanting to help his friend, and just make it through the war unchanged and alive. Then, some brain washing and torture later, he is almost a cold-blooded assassin who has no control over his own actions. (You know, for the most part.)

 This one is hard - as usual - because I have so many options.
 But, I have to go with Roden from The False Prince.
 In book one Roden is selfish and angry, by the end of the series....(I can't say. Spoilers. JUST READ THE BOOKS! That is all.)
 Oh....I could do Mr. Jelliby too from The Peculiar and The Whatnot. He has a big arc. So does Bartholomew - I loved his.  His was cool and sad all at once.
 Tintin has a pretty big one too. 

 Okay, I'm going before I make my list too long.

 Besides, I have to figure out how a scene I don't remember writing ended up in my book.

 Captain America quote. 




  1. Honestly, I'm not always sure how we survive our humid summers ... and winters are almost worse because that cold wet air just seeps through your clothing and sends arrows of chill straight to your bones.

    Hmmm ... I may take your advice on Roden. He's the main reason I've been reluctant to pick up book two. I know it may seem silly to base your opinion of a book on a side character, but I have a personal issue with his name and the fact that he wasn't the best character. It's complicated.

  2. I definitely agree about the summers. Being a northerner spending her first summer in the south, I am miserable with the heat and humidity. You have my sincerest sympathy.

  3. Ugh. Summers in the south are the worst. Especially if you're a relocated northerner.

  4. I live in TX, but honestly, this summer hasn't been as hot as it usually is. Humid, yes. Because it's actually rained this summer! That usually does ever happen.

    I will have to read this False Prince series that everyone keeps talking about. It sounds good.

  5. I've lived in the deep south my whole life and when summer time comes that means shutting all the doors and windows tightly and huddling under the air conditioning until like...October. I have to basically swim to my car the humidity is so bad. Oi. I hate it. I would love to live farther north. Then again, I'd probably be a wimp in the intense winters. XD

    Bucky's arc was quite interesting. And by quite interesting I mean NO, MY HEART. But still.


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