Saturday, August 23, 2014

"Can I hide? Is it okay if I hide?"

 Wherein Jack talks about her time with HYDRA

 I'm starting to feel human. Not something I thought I'd ever be pleased about. I've been stuck in bed pretty much since Tuesday - the day I had my wisdom teeth out. Today was really the first day I've been able to get up and it was only for a few hours then I had to lay back down.

 Now before I go further I should explain some things as they will help my story make more sense. First off, as I mentioned in some older posts, I'd been really sick the week before I had my teeth out. I'd been running a nearly non stop fever for a few days and Tuesday morning I still wasn't completely over whatever it was that had made me so sick.
 Second, my teeth have always been strange. I had to go in one time to get about three or four pulled all at once because I had too many for my mouth. They're all twisted and stuff from growing in a smaller space then I guess they should have had.
 Third, I was awake for the two hour extraction. I don't know if this makes a difference, but during and after I have found myself wishing I'd asked to go out of town and have gotten put under for the whole thing. Even if it would have left me unaware of what HYDRA was doing to me.

 That in mind, here is my story. (Because I have nothing better to write about so why not?)

 I knew I was in trouble the moment I walked into the office. It was one of those moments of sheer dread where, had I the energy, I'd have run screaming out the doors. Sadly, the fever left me with no energy so all I could do was slump in the chair and wait for my name to be called. I was then led into one of the back rooms and set in a chair and from there there was no escape.

 The first I knew I was going to go through the worse experience of my life was when the doctor got his needle out and stick it into my gum. (I have a healthy fear of needles. Sticking one into any place on my body leaves me shaking and sobbing. Sticking one into my just didn't go over well.) For one thing it hurt, for another thing IT WAS A GIANT NEEDLE STICKING IN MY MOUTH. I am not ashamed of the fact I cried, I do feel bad though because the HYDRA doctor was acting very nice and he felt bad I was crying. He only numbed one side of my mouth, saving the other side for when he got to those teeth. He then went in with his pliers and...whatever those flat things are called. I don't care about their name, because he had to ram it between two of my teeth and break the one he was trying to get out.

 I'm not sure how to explain what it felt like. Part of the reason I think it hurt so bad - because I had so many people tell be before hand theirs weren't bad and I had nothing to be worried about. When he was trying to fight the top one out he found my roots were twisted around behind the other teeth. Basically it felt like someone had put a suction to my brain and was yanking my ear out through my jaw. That is th ebest way I can explain it. I wanted to punch someone but it was the top teeth that felt like this and I knew the bottoms would be ten times worse so I saved my punches.

 When the top ones were out there was a break during which I somehow unclenched a paper towel I'd been squeezing the life out of. Once the top ones were out it was time for the bottom. By then I was feeling sick from the pain, pressure....whatever they like to call it. All I know is that the doctor said I could come back later for the bottom if I wanted, but I decided to get it all over with as I knew I'd never be able to convince myself to return if they let me out then. So the needle came back, more numbing stuff was injected, my dad kindly offered to let me squeeze the life out of his hand since the paper towel was dead, and the doctor got back to work.

 For everyone who tried to reassure me it would be fine, I'd like to thank you for your comforting attempts. And allow me to say, my twisted roots ensured none of it was true and getting my two lower ones out is honestly the worse pain I've ever endured in my life. (In spite of my jaw being numb at the time.)

 The left one, the one which started all the trouble, came out first. He brought out his flat tool and I could hear a ton of cracking and bone breaking while my jaw was shoved and pushed in ways it wasn't meant to go. He was going to try and just yank it out, but it didn't work so he had to get out his drill. This time the bone cracking was accompanied by drilling and water being squirted into and sucked out of my mouth. This went on for half an hour before the tooth finally came free. I was sure the last tooth wouldn't be as bad. The left one was the one that had hurt the most before, the left one was the reason I was in there, the left one hurt so much I was exhausted trying to keep from punching someone. I was too tired to feel anymore pain. I figured I could just lay there and let them get it out and I would be done at last.

 You can see where this is going.

 The last one decided it wasn't going to come out. The last one put up an hour fight. The last one REFUSED to stay numb.

 I noticed the problem right when the doctor began prying it away from the other teeth. There was a sharp pain which hadn't been there with the others and I almost came up out of the chair. The doctor felt really bad and numbed it again, and again got back to work. The numbing lasted for a few minutes, then the pain came back. So once again he numbed it. At this point I came to the realization this was not going to go well and I might not be able to get the pain numbed and might just have to grit my teeth until it was out. Which in the end is what I had to do. For some reason that side wore of the medicine faster then the others had done and I knew we'd have to stop every few minutes to stick my gum with the needle or I'd have to act like it wasn't as painful as it was so we could just get it over with.
 I went with option two because I had been in there for an hour and a half or so by that point and I wanted out. It didn't make me feel any better though when I saw the doctor was sweating and looking like my dad when he is working on something and it is refusing to work and he knows he just has to get it done no matter what. (This is when that memory of the other dentist saying my jaw would have to be broken came back and I was certain he was just going to snap it any second.)

 As you might have guessed, the tooth came out in the end. My jaw wasn't broken though it might as well have been the way it still hurts. And I came close to fainting in the end. (My best friend fainted once, so I asked her just to make sure.) It was weird. my whole body started to tingle and go numb all at once and it felt like the room as spinning and staying dead still while I saw all bright colours and blackness. Fainting is nothing like in the books or movies. It was almost as bad as the fight to get the last tooth out.

 But then it was over. I stumbled home with a lower jaw so numb I couldn't feel it for hours. Then when I could it was only to throbbing pain. (I think I found out where all the last injection went, actually, because my right temple still feels numb.)

 To top the whole thing off, I have some kind of low blood sugar or something. (Don't ask me to be medical and explain what it is exactly.) But I need to eat about every three hours. I barely ate anything the day the tooth came out. Or the next day. And as a result I got really sick. So between that and the teeth, the over all experience of getting my wisdom teeth yanked from my head by HYDRA was not the best I've undergone. But I think I am finally recovering. I've been swallowing soft foods, admitted going to work this week was not going to work out at all, and spent most of the time in bed. I watched all the old Classic Disney movies from my childhood and slept more then I think I've ever slept in my life.

 So that is my experience with HYDRA and the reason I vanished. And now I am going to bed again. Because I am still tired.

 Quote is from Doctor Who, and how I would be if I ever joined the army.




  1. Oh man, Jack! That's so awful!!! All of your wisdom teeth must have been surfaced then, for them to yank them out without putting you under?

    Man I hate whoever says getting their wisdom teeth out is easy. I had mine out about 4 weeks ago and yesterday my right side decided to go and get sore on me. It got increasingly worse and worse. I was able to sleep three hours before the pain woke me up. I took a pill, the pain didn't go away... instead it grew into agony. The only other time I get that bad of pain is when I get really horrible migraines. So I watched Jeeves and Wooster for a couple hours until I fell asleep for an hour with my head on the heating pad. When I sat up, a rush of liquid filled my mouth which tasted of blood. When I spit it out, sure enough, it was blood. Blood and gore. So I have an infected pocket, even though I've been doing EXACTLY what the doctor says this whole time. And of course my oral surgeon can't see me until Monday... Thankfully, after the infected pocket cleaned out, it wasn't so agonizingly painful anymore.

    ...And then there's my friend who got her wisdom teeth out of Thursday. When I saw her on Friday night she was hardly swollen and in no pain. She had taken one pain pill the night before to help her sleep and that was it! I was on pain medication for over a week before I could finally get off of it.

    It doesn't help that over the past 48 hours, I've gotten only 9 hours of sleep. And I start two rigorous online AP courses next week. Here's hoping I can sleep well the next two nights so I can actually pay attention.

    I hope you heal quickly and have lots of pain medication and movies handy! (It sounds like you do. My other friend had her wisdom teeth out the same day as me and we recuperated together by watching the first two seasons of Downton Abbey).


    I winced a couple of times reading this. I was asleep through getting my wisdom teeth out and I wasn't in pain afterward. So I have absolutely no idea of what you went through. BUT HOLY COW, JACK! Get some rest and I hope you feel better soon!
    Scratch that, actually. You MUST feel better soon! You WILL feel better soon!

    I send you kittens:


  3. Bloomin' 'eck, crumbs and wow - that is all I have to say. My jaw throbbed just reading your post. Recover well, my poor, poor sufferer. I hope you feel better speedily.


    I am feeling your pain right now! I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Ohhh... I was in pain just reading this!! Jack, I sincerely hope that everything mends just as quick as it everly can. *shudders* That's awful! I am now confirmed in my belief that dentists are with HYDRA. How can there be any other explanation??? You know, I went eighteen years of my life without a single cavity. I was very careful with my teeth. Then, one visit to the dentist, and BOOM! Four cavities all at once. Coincidence? I think not!!! No, don't "Bernie" me!! Those little rats are guilty!!!! Guilty, I tell you!!!

    ... Uh... sorry. I'm rabbit-trailing. But they're evil. Pure and simple. End of story.

    Hmmm... low blood sugar. I know it well. I have a sister and at least two cousins who battle with it, and it's not a pretty picture. If you do have it, I've heard orange juice is good to bring it up, and then peanut butter and cheese help keep it stable.

    *nods* Disney. Disney is good. It will keep you sane while you recover from the vicious hands of HYDRA. Praying for you, Jack!

  6. Oooo, tangled roots do not sound good. Lots of pain. I would hate someone prying around in my mouth.

    At least it's all over with. That's the only good part about pain: when it's over.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  7. OW OW OW. I am sooooo sorry. (And, being a person who passes out every time I get any kind of shot, I'm afraid I couldn't read this entire telling, because I could tell a few times that I was about to pass out just reading it... no joke. I passed out in Health class in high school when the teacher drew a blood vessel on the chalk board. Talk about pathetic).

    Oh, I hope you are feeling better soon.



    NO FAINTING. least your jaw is intact.


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