Friday, August 01, 2014

"Guys, I want a castle."

 Sometimes life happens to the best of us. Today's interview did not work out, but I didn't want to let Stefan get away with things this easily. (Not that you still shouldn't stop by and read Bella;s blog, she always has wonderful posts) Therefore, I am handing my blog over to him and giving him the chance to talk a little about himself. (Because I have that kind of sense of humor and like to put a hermit in extrovert situations.)

 Here you go, Stefan! Have fun!

 Well...this is awkward. I'm not even sure what I am supposed to do. Leave it to Jack to just throw me in the middle of this with no explanation or any rules to follow.

 My name is Stefan. I am a one handed hermit who was snatched out of the hermit life and thrown in the middle of a game of cat and mouse. (I and my friends being the mice.) Since leaving home I have run all over the Nations, trying to keep my head on my shoulders.
 Does that work for introduction?

 I'd leave but Jack has just informed me I have to say more. About myself. She loves tormenting me.

 I am not a very interesting person. I know, that makes you want to really read the book I am in, right? But it is the truth. Compared to...Ennion, or Magda, I am kind of boring. (Compared to Magda everyone is kind of boring.)
 I don't think it helps my lack of personality any that I love to cook. A lot. I taught myself because I was tired of eating meat cooked on sticks and raw veggies. A man gets desperate after a year of the same things, three meals a day.

 What else can I say? I have learned from personal experience that Elves are extremely strange, more so then they appear in any of the stories one commonly hears about them. For that matter, Dwarves are much the same. And Dwarves tend to be grumpy on top of that. Especially when one doesn't feed them often. (Something to keep in mind if one ever finds oneself traveling with Dwarves.)

 I really have little of interest I can add to this. Not that you should ignore this book because my hermit tendencies kicked in when randomly thrust Jack's device and told to write. I assure you, my companions are worth spending time with the book. I do not know many as heroic as those I have had the honour to travel with. (Just, please do not tell all of them I have said this. Magda you can tell, she is in constant need of the reminder. Lachlan you may tell as well. But the others? That would end with much jibbing and then I would likely lose my temper and pitch them into a harbor. You can surely see how this would end badly for all involved.)

 But there, that is the extent of what I have to say, and what I care to say. If you wish for more, you came to the wrong hermit.

 I shall bid all of you a fond faire well, however. It was a pleasure to....say hello to all of you. 



  1. I'd like to know how you ended up with one hand.

  2. Stefan seems pretty interesting, to me and if he needs help getting Jack back for the forced interview...let me know :)

  3. I must admit, I read this because of the title. I love Flynn.

    But, I enjoyed reading what you had to say, Stefan. The way you love talking so much, you remember me of Alex (one of my characters). Which book are you from?

    the writeress || barefoot in the snow

  4. It was great to meet you, Stefan! And don't worry, I think hermits are terribly interesting...especially one-handed hermits who enjoy the culinary arts. :)

    decked out in ruffles


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