Saturday, August 02, 2014

"I am Groot."

 This is later then it should be. I've had a busy day and wasn't online till now. But this one will be staying up till Monday so you all will have plenty of chances to get to know the Princes - also known as Lachlan's older half-brothers. They were interviewed by my good friend ABBEY

 1. Hello, princes! Would you please introduce yourselves and tell us how old you are?
 Igor: You're...asking us all this, at once? I have to do this with THEM?
 Valdimar: You whine a lot for being the oldest.
 Damian: Well, you two can bicker, I am going to answer this kind lady's questions.
 Valdimar: *Snort* No one is going to fall for your kind pretenses. 
 Damian: I am Prince Damian, second youngest son of King Garolds of the Southern Kingdom and I am seventeen years of age.
 Igor: Reasons like this is why I want to kill you first. 
 I am Igor and the oldest son of King Garolds. I turned twenty seven on my last birthday.
 Valdimar: And I am Valdimar. I am twenty three.

 2. Before he died, your father, King Garolds, left instructions that the last of his four sons left alive would be the next king. How did you feel when your father made this announcement?
 Igor: I felt cheated out of my birthright. I am the oldest son and therefore the rightful heir to the throne!
 Valdimar: I wasn't surprised. I always thought my father knew Igor would make a terrible ruler and I believe he did this so I would have a legitimate excuse to become king. 
 Damian: Don't listen to ether of them. Father just wanted to make them feel like they had a chance at being king. He knew all along the throne should go to me but I was the youngest, so he had to give me a reason to become king - a lawful one.
 Igor: Lachlan is the youngest.
 Damian: He doesn't count

 3. Before your father's announcement, were you three brothers close to one another, or has there always been competition between you?
 Igor: My brothers are and have always been nuisances. They are the reason we have a bad reputation in the kingdom. There has never been a chance of us getting along because Valdimar and Damian are impossible to form any kind of relationship outside of milk tolerance.
 Valdimar: Competition is putting it nicely. Try loathing.
 Damian: They've always been envious because our father favoured me over them.

 4. You three are currently hunting down your youngest brother, Prince Lachlan, in an attempt to kill him and rid yourselves of 1/4th of the competition. What will happen after you kill Lachlan?
 Igor: You make me sound horrible. I am doing this for the good of my people. It is me being king - and I will be a fair king who will actually care about them - or one of my brothers. They will only ruin the kingdom and cost lives of those we are sworn to protect-
 Valdimar: Shut up, no one cares. You're a horrible prince and you'd be a worse king. I'd kill anyone if it means stopping you.
 Damian: I don't know where you are getting these rumors...I don't want to kill anyone.

 5. Why is it important to each of you to become king?
 Igor: Like I said, my brothers would only ruin the Southern Kingdom and I, as the eldest, have a responsibility to keep that from happening.
  Valdimar: There is little point in answering this. It is clear to all I would make a better king then any of my brothers and it is my duty to do so.
 Damian: What both of them said, only about me.

 6. Obviously, you haven't spent your whole lives fighting amongst yourselves for the throne. What are your hobbies and enjoyments?
 Igor: I enjoy hunting. I have done falconing in my younger days and it was one of the more pleasant pastimes I have found in a long while.
 Valdimar: Sword play. I also enjoy archery. 
 Damian: Horse back riding and any chance I have t scale rocks I take it.

 7. If you were stranded on a desert island, what three objects (including food and people) would you choose to be stranded with?
 Igor: What an odd question, fair maid. I...suppose my sword and my bows and arrows so that I might be able to hunt for my own food.
 Valdimar: My sword. A servant to cook for me. And a chicken, so that I might have eggs.
 Damian: My horse, a dog for companionship, and my bow and arrows.

 And there they are, Lachlan's not very nice siblings.

 Quote is from Guardians of the Galaxy...more on that later.
 Have a fantastic rest of your Saturday!




  1. Lachlan doesn't count - funny! Yeah, with brothers like that, who need enemies?

  2. Guardians of the Galaxy!!!! I love that movie. Peter Quill is amazing. And Groot--what's better than an ent in space?


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