Monday, August 11, 2014

"Ignore the man behind the curtain."

 Today is the last day of A Test of Loyalty's book release celebration! Unlike what I have done during the past interviews, I will only be posting the first question in the interview to Golon given by Ninja captain Alex. To read the rest just follow the link to Alex's blog. (Come now, follow orders like good subjects. You know you want to do as your Evil Over Lord commands. That and this interview was a lot of fun, 8-D) CLICK HERE

 Are you any relation to Gimli?
 Who is Gimli? Is this some kind of trick question? Is it because our names are kind of the same? I have a feeling this is something I should understand and my Author is laughing at me for not doing so. She laughs at me a lot though, so it is hard to tell the cause of it.

Quote is from The Wizard of Oz.




  1. Happy to host you on the last day of your tour!

  2. I'm sorry ... that gif = perfection. :D

  3. Loved the post at Alex's site! I'm sorry I missed out, and I apologize for being the worst beta reader ever this time around. My summer has been . . . beyond busy with family stuff.



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