Monday, August 04, 2014

"Just this once, just because, let me save you."

 Today I am honoured to introduce you to my friend Melody, who will be interviewing Magda, the girl who kind of started the quest.

 When does Stefan annoy you the most?
 When he is especially hermit - y. He hasn't been as quiet and doesn't keep to himself as much as he did when we first met, but he still has days were he can go without saying a word to anyone and that annoys me. And I also always worry that maybe he is mad. It is hard to tell, his hermit expression and his mad expression are the same. He just sets his jaw and glowers at anything he looks at and it is hard to know if he is going to shove you in a snowbank or just ignore you.

 What is your least favourite animal?
 I - I don't think I know. Maybe bears, because they might eat me. Out of everyone in our company, I think I would be high on the dinner list. Unless Ennion is above me. I am sure Elves taste delicious. Though if it comes when Stefan is cooking it would ignore us all because his cooking is better then Elf and girl.

 Do you like to watch thunderstorms?
 Yes. But I like them better if I am inside. I don't like the idea of getting struck by lightening because I am outside watching a storm.

 Have you ever danced? 
 Um...yes. A little. I don't know if it is real dancing though. I attempted it. But, I spent more time on my partner's feet then my own.

 Does Ennion ever say or do things that make you angry?
 Not really. He is easy to get along with and it takes a lot of work to get angry with him. I guess I do sometimes because it is hard to be around someone as much as I am around him and NOT become angry. But there is no particular thing he does that upsets me. 

 If you weren't on this quest to keep Lachlan safe, what would  you be doing?
 I would be with my mother, sewing, dreaming of the day I met a dashing prince and got married. (Kind of funny, now that I look back on it. All of my childhood dreams were of marrying a prince, now I am running away from three of them who would like nothing better then to stab me in the back. I think I am done with princes and I'd rather marry a.....Hm, I don't know. What is the opposite of a prince?)

 If you had known about all the dangers you would face on this quest, would you still have chosen to undertake it?
 I'd like to say yes...but to be honest, I don't think I would have.

 When do you like Golon and Cordon the most?
 When they are tormenting each other, or Ennion. Or Stefan. Just any time they are trying to make everything better by insulting someone else in our company.

 Thank you, Melody!
 Before I go, I am pleased to announce A Test of Loyalty is now available on Kindle! You can find it HERE!!!!!!!!! It should be on Nook sometime this week. I just have to find out why it hates all the files I try and upload. Windows 8 issues. 

 Quote is from the 11th Doctor when he goes in to save Clara. 



  1. I think the opposite of a prince would be a hermit, Magda. ;)
    (Well, SOMEONE had to say it!)


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