Thursday, September 04, 2014

"What's wrong with your accent? Now you're doing it too! It's spreading!"

 Wherein Jack hopes to make a return

 I saw hope, because I had a friend tell me she got an infection after more then a week of having her wisdom teeth out. The way things have been going, I won't feel safe until everything is completely healed. But I THINK I am making a recovery - I say think because my teeth thus far have liked to prove me wrong.

 That said, I am here today with a few...things. Happy things. Exciting things. Just THINGS in general!! Things are wonderful, never forget that.

 First up, I have JUST finished my Five Enchanted Roses Contest entry! I am extremely proud of it at this moment. It is my first short story and I think it is a dear little thing. I am currently looking for willing readers, to take a peak at it and see how well it works. Since it is a short story, and it is for a contest, I'd like a bit of feed back before I submit it. Anyone interested? It is 13,000 something words long. It is titled Finding the Magic. It has some French characters in it. Set in WWII. Has a British girl. Some snow. Roses. All those wonderful things. And maybe even a Dragon or two.

 Second, and I am going to find a non boring way of explaining all of this. But it is huge, and important. And a bit scary, and wonderful. So, there is that.

 As you know, I just published my fourth book! I have worked so hard at this point, getting these books published that I fear my marketing has somewhat slipped, not that my skills ever laid with marketing to begin with. With the release of my fourth one, and both the next books in both series taking longer to work out the plot then I had planned, it has given me a chance to step back and look at the marketing side of things, and where I plan to go from here.

 I've been giving this a lot of thought, especially during the month I was gone and working on Brothers-in-Arms. I have decided I would rather spend more time on the third Loyalty book and the third Haphazard book and get them to work rather then have them out in January and July. Coming to that conclusion, I am still working on both books, trying to iron out the plot issues that are keeping me back from finishing the drafts I am working on.

 I have also been considering getting a new publisher, instead of keeping with Lulu. I do like Lulu, it has given me a nice spring board to start from, and their formatting is lovely. But I've been thinking of going with someone else, maybe someone who could work with me one on one with formatting, since that is another point I haven't completely grasped. I've even been looking into companies my friends and fellow Authors have gone with, which leads me to one of the highlights of my Author life.

 I got home from work on Monday and checked my email, surprised to find a publishing company had emailed me while I was working. They saw the reviews for Haphazardly Implausible on Goodreads and have requested to view my next book and consider it for publication.

 I must admit, I am not quiet as giddy over this as I thought I would be - on the far off daydream I always harboured that this might happen. I am still in a state of shock, and it is taking time to sink in that this is for real. But, I am looking into the company and preparing to send them Brothers-in-Arms. It isn't my only completed novel at this time, but it is the only completed one not in a series, and I don't wish to start publishing another series until I publish the last Loyalty book.

 That said, I am giving this a lot of prayer and consideration, while allowing myself moments of glee when it hits me that this is real. Even if I don't end up going with them, the fact a publisher has contacted me has been one of the best things I've ever experienced.

 And that is where I have to end. I need to dart into town because I put The Maze Runner on hold at my library and it just came in, so you can see why darting needs to be involved. And that said, I would like to thank all of those who read and reviewed Haphazardly Implausible. This wouldn't be happening if it wasn't for those reviews.

 Quote is from the 12th Doctor again


 P.S. I should be back to my normal posts on Monday



  1. I have been praying for your teeth and jaw and all that. It sounds awful! I feel so bad you're having to go through that. How could Hydra take our wonderful Jack?! D:

    CONGRATULATIONS ON FINISHING YOUR B&B STORY!!!! I'm only about halfway through mine. At first it was going slow, but I'm making a lot of progress now so it shouldn't be too terribly long before it's done.

    I would loooove to critique yours if you'd like! In fact, I'll email you about it after I type this. I think I've found your email address here.

    Oh my goodness! A publishing company emailed YOU about getting your book published? Jack...that's... OH MY GOODNESS. THAT'S AMAZING!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!! Seriously, I have no words to explain how giddy I am right now. You deserve this, girl!! I'll be praying for the Lord to guide you through this new step in your writing adventure. ^_^

    I'm reading The Maze Runner RIGHT NOW! :O It's got quite a few flaws that are bugging me but so far the overall plot is totally fascinating and has me hooked.

  2. I kind of screamed when I read that you've finished already, AHHHHH!
    Yeah, I am way behind :( Need to get writing.
    Congrats though!

  3. Another book is out??? Why didn't you tell us?
    There are some great book formatters listed at the IWSG website.

  4. WOW! That's amazing news about the publisher! That's super cool, Jack!!
    I think you are right to make the third books in both your series' the best they can be before publishing them.

  5. Wowzers!! Congratulations! That is awesome! :) So happy for you!

    Yikes, I need to get cracking on my B&B submission. I've only just started. I think I need to stop procrastinating in the evenings! :)

  6. That is AWESOME! :-D Super duper cool.

    And I'd loooove to read your B&B story, so I shall email you and if you like, you can email back! :-D


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