Monday, October 27, 2014

"Can we for once die without all this bickering?"

 Wherein Jack introduces the last character for her NaNo book

 I am a little unsure about this character. There aren't a lot of characters in this book, unlike some of my others. The main characters are just Hunter and Dean, which is what I wanted when I started. Brothers. Most of the books I write have best friend characters who form a brotherly bond. I wanted to write one with blood brothers.

 But while I was planning all this someone showed up on my doorstep and wiggled his way into the book. (This happens a lot so I wasn't surprised)

 As happens, he refused to tell me his name, so I goggled Apocalyptic names, since it was decided my book is more of that genre than dystopian. 

 And that is how he came into existence and was named.

 Leech is 19. Unlike Hunter and Dean, he wasn't sent to a Safe House to escape the war. He was exposed to everything, along with others who weren't rich enough to buy their way into one of the houses. Now Leech lives with a band of these people, who call themselves Outsiders.

 The Outsiders fight the machines and scrap a living together in the outside world. They hate those who live in the Safe Houses and have been known to break into them - when they can find them - and kill anyone inside.

 Leech is like the others. He is bitter and angry that scientists were allowed to destroy the world then get to pick who lived and who died. Leech is determined to make everyone he finds in the Safe Houses suffer, that is until he meets Dean. (Because Dean is one of those people it is hard to hate.)

 To be honest, I am still learning a lot about Leech. I know he is tall and thin with black hair and blue eyes. I know he's an expert hunter and fighter and he is reckless and does stupid things, but I think he has a gentler side even if he refuses to admit to it right at this point. I also think something bad happened to his family, but that is something he's probably going to bring up while I'm writing because he's one of those kind of characters.

I do know he and Hunter don't get along. He gets protective of Dean, and he has a hidden sense of humor which comes out at awkward moments. Over all I think he's going to be a fun character, which means he is probably going to wiggle his way into more of the book than I originally have planned. Which I think I can forgive him.

 I also found a song which fits him, which is rare. So I might as well share that as well.

 So there he is. And here I go, because I should be writing.

 I have to try and finish a book before NaNo and it is not going over well.

 Quote is from Sky Captain.




  1. Good luck on finishing the Third Haphazard book before NaNo (that was the book, right?)! I've got to finish a notebook before NaNo, which shouldn't be that difficult because I only have, like, two pages left. It's just sitting down and doing them that's hard.

  2. Sounds like a scrappy character. I had one of those finagle a larger role in my last book. He'll bring a lot to the story though.

  3. Leech sounds awesome! Your characters are all amaaaazing!

  4. He sounds awesome! Characters with unexpected humor that comes out at awkward moments are the best!

  5. every time you post about a new character I get this weird excited feeling and I just want to run around screaming because CHARACTERS. Leech sounds sad and cool and grouchy and amazing and his song is really cool and I want to meet him and give him cookies.

    It has been way too long since I watched Sky Captain. I should get on that....


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