Wednesday, October 08, 2014

"I'm attracting small children. Shoo it away, will you?"

 It's been a while since I did a world building post. I am hoping to start some of these up again, but it won't be regular until a couple weeks.

 To read back posts about the world of Nightshade - which will be the subject of today's post - you can go HERE!

 I will be doing the Giants today. (Thanks to the help of a friend who picked for me since I couldn't decide)

 The Giants live in the mountains of Nightshade, in the north. (The same area as the Dragons. I now have a map made and will be revealing it as soon as I've discovered how to upload it.)

 The Giants are an ancient race. They aren't the oldest race living in Nightshade as the Elves have been there much longer, and the Dragons even longer than both. The Giants moved to the mountains when the Dragons were still roaming free over every part of Nightshade. They lived in caves for years but later built fortresses out of the rocks. They have one castle located deep in the mountains with small mansion type homes scattered elsewhere.

 In the beginning the Giants were peaceful. They kept to themselves, building things out of stone. They're not really miners, preferring to stay above ground than go below. All of this changed when the Dragons left the lower lands and moved up into the mountains. The Giants felt threatened and there were battles fought between them and the Dragons. In the end, boarders were drawn up and neither crosses them. 

 Since the war with the Dragons - the Giants call it a war though it never really was one. It was more of skirmishes, but one doesn't argue with Giants. After the war, the Giants became violent. They lock themselves up in their homes and tend to kill strangers on sight. (Not that they meet many strangers since few travel into the mountains. Mostly they just meet a wayward Dwarf when he leaves his mines.)

 Not only do the Giants attack other races, they attack different tribes. It isn't uncommon for battles to start between Giant families. They usually fight by throwing rocks and using catapults they've made. Because of this, their battles tend to sound like thunderstorms to anyone living below the mountain.

 Giants dress in crudely made cloth. It is woven in their looms, but because they are so big it is hard for them to find enough of anything to weave. Therefore, they weave in grass and hay with their wool and cotton. Their outfits are simple, more like shifts. The women's are longer than the men's.

 As a general rule, Giants eat a lot of meat, mostly deer. They have gardens but don't care much for veggies. And, contrary to the rumors, they do not eat Humans. disregard anything BenArgon may tell you on this subject.

 And that is all. 

 Quote is from Seraphina




  1. I would love to witness a battle between a dragon and a giant. My! Just imagine!

  2. Those battles must be epic. From a distance of course!


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