Friday, October 03, 2014

"I'm gonna tell him." "Don't you dare!"

 I thought it was time I introduced another character. I haven't done so in a while.

 I've been working a lot on the Blade books while I work on the third Haphazard book - which is making good progress. So those who went through the cliff hanger, hopefully it can be redeemed soon.

 Since I've been spending so much time with the Blade Boys I've decided to take a moment to introduce you all to another one.

 (If you would like a peak who have already had their turn you can find them HERE!)

Today I present to you Fagan.

 Fagan is the village blacksmith's son. He is seventeen and his father planned for him to become a full time apprentice at the blacksmith shop as soon as he finished school.

 Fagan has a short fused temper. He hardly ever smiles and his main form of communication is to snap or grumble. He keeps to himself and is something of an outcast in the village because no one wants to risk him punching or yelling at them. In spite of this, for some reason, Fagan looks out for Ryder-Adair - a younger boy who is constantly being bullied. Fagan and Ryder-Adair aren't exactly friends, but they get along better with each other than most everyone in the village gets along with them.

 Things aren't easy on Fagan, especially between him and his parents. This is part of the reason he is mad so much of the time. This makes him protective of others, though he never realizes it. In the later books other things come up and he goes through even bigger struggles.

 There isn't a lot of detail I can go into with Fagan without giving spoilers away. But I will say little kids are drawn to him. They sense his protective side and feel safe when around him. Also he is a skilled fighter, though maybe not as much as some of the other boys. 

 I have a picture of him, like the other boys, but because of computer difficulties I don't have them right at this moment. When I find them I will share his.

 That is all. I should go and write like a good Author.

 If you don't know where the quote is from you must be a hermit, so I'm not going to unhermit you by explaining it.




  1. I am the first to comment! Okay, now that I have that out of me....

    I like Fagan. The grumpy protective characters are the best! :)

    And the quote. THE QUOTE!

    Maybe I need sleep....

  2. You had me at "protectiveness." =) I guess not only little kids are drawn to him. Maybe it's just the I-wish-I-had-an-older-brother part of me coming out.


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