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 Wherein Jack talks NaNo

 20 days. 

 I'm more than ready to become a NaNo Hermit this year. I've had more doses of reality than I've wanted or felt like I've been able to handle. I need some time alone, with tea and a brand new, shinny idea to write. 

 Originally I had plans to try and write down one of the ideas I've been working on for the last few years. After reading some of my first dystopian books - The Maze Runner - I thought it would be fun to try and write something in that genre. After all, I ventured out into my first Historical Fiction, so why not another new genre? That's what NaNo is all about, right? Leaving your comfort zone.

 Except, I'm not much of a dystopian person. I tried to read The Hunger Games and failed. There were others on my list that didn't last for more than a week. Something about the government in complete control and the future crumbling doesn't appeal to me. I'm more of the Fantasy, Steampunk person.

 My NaNo Buddy and I were talking about this. By the time I mentioned a possible dystopian book to her I already had the spark of an idea for a plot, which I kind of liked. But I still couldn't get over the fact I'm not the type of person to write dystopian. Finally, after a few hours of brainstorming, a solution was discovered.

 I will be attempting a dystopian, Steampunk novel. (Though I'm not even sure how dystopian it is anymore. More like the End of the World, Steampunk.)

 And after all that, I give to you my basic plot.

 It has finally happened. Years of the government trying to prevent it has failed, and the world's supply of coal has run out. (MIGHT not be coal. Details need worked out.) The world begins to crumble and leaders gather together their greatest scientists to find a solution to the problem. With options short, the scientists attempt to bring back steam power. Their plans fail when the machines they make turn on them. Leaders blame other governments for sabotage and the world falls to war, while the machines continue their rampage of destruction.
 Hoping to save the human race, it is decided that certain children - mostly those of the scientists or those who can afford to pay - will be locked in safe houses to wait out the machines and the nuclear poisoning caused by the bombings. The doors of the underground safe houses are set to remain closed until it is deemed safe in the outside world.
 Two of the children selected are brothers, Hunter and Dean. While waiting in their fortress the brothers prepare themselves for the day they will have to leave, face the world, and try and find the other children who have survived the disaster.
 But when the doors finally open they realize all of their training wasn't able to prepare them for the world waiting them. They are soon facing a fight between life and death, because the doors opened too early, and the machines are still working.

 Like I said, it needs work. It also needs a title. I hate not having a title...I'm weird like that.

 That is for later though. Right now I have work I need to get done.

 But before I go, it is your turn now. What are you going to be writing for NaNo? (All those taking part this year) Also, I changed my NaNo page. I am HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now. So add me, all you lovely NaNoers...because I don't remember how to find you all now that I deleted my old account.

 Quote is from Galaxy Quest




  1. Oooo sounds wonderful! I've never been much of a fan of dystopian either. Maybe because it reminds me that we're probably headed towards a future somewhat like that (govt. controlling everything). Yet history doesn't bother me—maybe because all of the people in history have eventually been freed? They have a happy ending, or at least have given us a happy ending. When you're reading dystopian, it often doesn't end happily and even if things are wrapped up, they aren't wrapped up happily. There may be a glimmer of hope, but what about the characters who have lost so much?
    Anyway, I'm rambling now.
    I added you as a buddy. =)

  2. SOUNDS COOL! Although if anyone so much as squeaks the name Dean I become very fixated on Supernatural things and lose all traces of reality or other conversations and just sit in my corner weeping about the darkness that is in that fandom currently.
    Yep. I'm finished now.
    I'm doing NaNo too this year!! I have 2 ideas to pick between and I think I know which one I'll go for. BUT IT'S HARD. I'm attempting to do some rewriting this month to get my fingers all ready for some drafting next month. *nods* It should be fun. :))

  3. I added you as a buddy! I'm AgentChase. :-)

  4. Also, I very much dislike dystopian fiction, mainly for the reasons Abbey stated above, but yours sounds awesome!!! I like the Steampunkness (Steampunkity?) feel.

  5. Ooooh, it sounds very intriguing!!!!

    For NaNo this year I'm doing a story about a young man and a young woman whose families are best friends but who are themselves rivals. They are the two best spies in the intelligence agency they work for and there is a crucial and dangerous mission looming- a mission that demands only the best....

    I will add you on the NaNo site. My username is Glaer Belegeth.

  6. I'm hit and miss on dystopian. It really depends on my mood. And the story idea you've described is more of a Apocalypse novel (Steampocolypse?)

    Although, one thing I'd like to point out - if I remember right, steam power runs ON coal, so ... bit of a plot hole there? My suggestion - oil. Have the world run out of oil, since that's mostly what we're running on at the moment.

    Also - how are you coming on Worth? Any chance you can send it back to me before NaNo starts? I'd like to write my next chapter - I've got something interesting planned.

  7. I agree, I'm a fantasy person too! Dystopian is blah. D: But mixing it with steampunk sounds interesting... I still haven't read any steampunk; I will have to work on that.

    Good luck on NaNo! I buddied you. ^_^ (Celtic Forest Dweller over there) I'm actually going BACK to my comfort-zone for NaNo, since I've been doing modern fantasy for too long and am longing to return to a medieval-fantasy-world, this time as a sort of original fairytale, called Heartseeker. I'm wayyyy behind on plotting though; I don't even have names for anyone except the heroine! o.o

    Hunter is an awesome name! (Like Cait, I thought of Supernatural's Dean, even though I haven't SEEN any of Supernatural, but everyone I know loves it to death so I know all about it. XD) Title. Titles are good... I hope you find the perfect one!

  8. (Also I just realized your "Do You Want To Leave a Comment" thing is a parody of Frozen's song. I love that. <3)

  9. Make it happen, Jack!
    And dig that quote...

  10. Super cool plot! I love steampunk. Good luck! I am doing Nano but as is a tradition for me I plan to open a blank page on Nov 1 and just write. Extreme pantsing is my forte and I love the freedom it brings. <3

  11. Hahaha, I LOVE Galaxy Quest!!

    AND, that picture of Jefferson being Epic Is Awesome!

    Ooh, that sounds like a good idea. I have been kicking around dystopian ideas, but I want them to be more actiony and less the end of the worldy. I didn't like Hunger Games, because of Primrose. LAME!! (I don't know if you read the third or not, but I'd say don't waste your time.)

    We watched the first two episodes of SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIELD!!!! Oh My Freakin' Gooodness!!!!! Loved, loved, loved. But, Fitz.... :'(

  12. I actually am starting to love the dystopian genre, shamefully, but FANTASY FOREVER. And I loooove steampunk! I can never say no to either of those genres.

    And...and...JACK. A STEAMPUNK APOCALYPSE??? Those are two of my most favorite things! This novel looks amaaaaziiing!!'s almost scary how similar it sounds to a steampunk post-apocalypse novel I've had rolling through my brain for a couple of years now. Steampunk, end of the world, children put underground to escape nuclear poisoning, machines on a rampage...yes. o.o I'm sure deep down our stories are very different, it's just really funny. And there's no telling when I'll write mine, it's just something that floats in my brain from time to time. But great minds think alike!!! :D Aaaahhhhh! I'm already excited about this book of yours!

    And I just added you as a NaNo buddy. ^_^ I'm Lauriloth over there. I'm writing the fifth book of a fantasy, dragon rider series I work on each NaNo. Can't believe this is my fifth NaNo to do. o.O The first one seems like just yesterday. But I'm super pumped! If I can only get my novel's being stubborn.



    And maybe we shall move into a hobbit hole for the month-- you with John and I with Tempest-- and we shall write and never go on any adventures or do anything unexpected (with the exception of living in a hobbit hole for a month).

    Do you still need readers for your WW2 Historical?



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