Thursday, November 13, 2014

"Don't be lasagna."

 Today I am taking part in BELLA'S Three Day NaNo Blog Party!

 The rules for today is to talk about the world in which (whoever is joining in) NaNo's book takes place in.

 So here is mine.

 Mine is set about 50 years into the future. Most of it takes place in Canada, which is where the two brothers are from. It's a world that has been stomped on my giant steam machines and blown up by bombs. 
 Kind of like this

Because it looks cooler when it is all covered with moss

Or this

 As I mentioned before...several times...giant machines are running rampant over everything. They think they are in control of everything and get to crush whatever they want. (All because they are bigger than the humans.) The bombs were supposed to destroy them but that didn't work as well as everyone hoped and most of the machines are still working.

 Other things are running too. Cars. Jeeps. Well, let's go with jeeps, since that is the only thing the characters drive. Electricity works in places, but you can never be sure if it will work in every building you enter. (In other words, lanterns come in handy.)

 Not only did machines survive the bombings, but some humans and animals did as well. The animals are now slightly rapid...and not the kind you'd want for pets. The humans aren't rabid - nor zombie like if anyone is wondering - just grumpy.

In the valleys and low spots, deadly gasses have gathered, so it isn't safe to go there. The people who survived live in the mountains and at higher ground.

 And that is the extent I have right now. Also I am really sleepy, so trying to think of more is taking more brain power than I have. So I will leave you with a quote from Doctor Who and slam a door in your face.




  1. OH CANADA... la la la la la la! (Sorry, sometimes my Canadian side escapes from the padded cell where I usually keep it.) Why did you choose Canada?
    Haha, I was just thinking, "This sounds like a good Zombie Apocalypse world!" and then I read the part where you said no Zombies... probably for the best. Zombies aren't that nice, unless you beat them in a board game like Zombicide.

  2. Sounds cool! Like a Terminator setting.


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